Smoothing Protein 330ml - Cadiveu

Smoothing Protein 3x110ml Kit


Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein is suitable for all hair types including resistant and thick hair.This product reduces the volume, provides Upto 50% relaxed look, restructures the hair, making it frizz free, reduces styling time of your hair to one third,gives you manageable hair, sleek & ultra shining hair with movement.


1.wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo for 3-4 times as per the hair type.

2.blow dry the hair completely.

3.section the hair into 6 parts. apply brasil cacau smoothing protein. leave the hair for 30-50 minutes. do not rinse.

4.blow dry the hair with full heat until it’s dried completely.

5.section the hair into thin strands and flat iron from top to tips from 10 to 15 times at temperature between 180.dc to 230.dc.

6.rinse the hair with cold water.

7.apply no.3 deep conditioning mask.

8.rinse, dry, and style.