Brasil Cacau BTR Keratin Treatment

Brasil Cacau Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction 110ML


Brasil Cacau BTR is suitable for all hair types.strongly recommended on,thick, coarse, resistant, curly, virgin hair, heena coated hair, dyed hair”. This product reduces the volume, provides a 60% relaxed look & restructures your hair making it frizz free,soft and shiny. 


1.wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo for 3-4 times as per the hair type.

2.blow dry the hair up to 80%.

3.apply btr on 6 sections from the nape section and comb thoroughly to check if application is even.

4.after application wait for 20 minutes. waiting time is same for all hair types.

5.start to blow dry the hair with cold air until 100% dry.

6.iron the hair @ 230°/210 with at least 12–15 strokes (in case if we are working on virgin & thick hair.the number of iron strokes can be increased for more relaxed look.)

7.wait for 10 minutes for hair to cool down. rinse the hair with cold water.

8.apply no.3 deep conditioning mask & leave for 5 mins. rinse the hair with water.

9.apply a suitable leave-in (acai oil or primer).blow dry the hair completely.