The season may have just begun, but strong winter winds and sub-zero temperatures may have already begun to squeeze your hair. Besides stripping your hair of moisture, the cold and dry air can actually damage the cuticle of the hair and lead to brittle and frizzy locks.

Professional keratin treatments are a popular hair repair method because they restore the structure of protein-damaged hair, leaving it smoother and healthier. But for those of us who don't have the time or money to spend on these expensive salon treatments, using keratin-infused products is the easiest way to get shiny, non-curly hair at a fraction of the cost.

Hairstyling products:  Get manageable and shiny hair from Cadiveu

You can use the styling product after the first wash after the treatment. However, in order for the keratin treatment to have a long-lasting effect, it is significant to wise fully select the product for styling the hair. In addition to suitable shampoos and conditioners that need to be sulfate-free and salt-free, you should also look for keratin-friendly leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and hair serums. Keep in mind that even some organic hair care products may hold sodium chloride. It is a thickener that can break down keratin and reduce the life of the treatment. Therefore, be sure to check the ingredient list to make sure your hair product is compatible with keratin treatments, or use the styling product suggested by your stylist.

Keratin-Enriched Hair Styling Products for Keratin Straightened Hair

Keratin-enriched styling products have amazing benefits for chemically treated hair.

Keratin Hair Serums

Hair serum creates a protective barrier around the hair, provides UV and heat protection, reduces curling, and gives them a brilliant shine. A light serum-containing keratin protein and argan oil aid lock the cuticle, smooth split ends, and reduce breakage. Use this product on damp hair before blow-drying to prevent heat damage and achieve a smooth and shiny finish. For keratinized hair, you should use a mild shampoo. Heavy-duty silicone styling products cannot be dissolved with a mild post-keratin shampoo, so they accumulate in the hair and stay longer. Now you can buy the Gradual Smooth Serum from Brasil Cacau that offers an instant straightening effect with frizz-free results. Featuring innovative Memory Effect technology that offers straighter results with ongoing use. With Cocoa to shield hair and enhance elasticity, this hair serum also prolongs hair smoothing treatments. Do you need an instant shine to your dull hair? Give instant shine to dull hair using Brasil Cacau's Shine Serum. With a lightweight formula this serum conditions hair and makes a defensive barrier removing frizz. Or do you want an oil with natural sun protection, very versatile, as it can be worn: both before washing the hair, before the drying process, mixed with the mask, mixed in the coloring, and finish? Then, the oil of Acai organic from Cadiveu is a powerful antioxidant that along with the oil of Buriti repairs the hair giving brightness and softness.

Hairstyling primers

Do you want to shield your hair from heat? Then get this revolutionary pump formula, a Primer Pre-Styling Leave-in from Brasil Cacau. It actively shields the hair against heat damage and provides a healthy, silky, and frizz-free with just a few pumps and massage. It provides daily protection by closing hair cuticles so heat styling is more productive and lasts longer. It helps shield the hair from frizz, aiding to keep your style lasting all day without an issue. Its powerfully nourishing ingredients act as a buffer between heat and your hair to drastically lessen damage from hot styling tools.

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Make Cadiveu Professional be your secret hair styling weapon, and you’ll be on your way to getting the gorgeous locks you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve crafted a series of salon-quality styling products that put ideal hair within easy reach, whether you’re hoping to control frizz, smooth flyaways, or hold a style in place. With our selection of hairstyling products, your hairstyle will look flawless and last longer than ever before. Looking for a way to throw out frizz and dryness? Try our Primer Pre-Styling Leave-in and Cadiveu acai oil for beautifully silky, soft locks. Or, take your style from day to night with the Cadiveu gradual smooth serum for a natural look and extra protection. There’s a Cadiveu styling product for every hair type, style, and concern. Get keratin styling and finishing products today.