You did it: You spent hours in a salon indulging in a keratin treatment, splurging in the silky smooth hair you always wanted. But what is it now? Which shampoo should you use? How about styling products? Get to know from these keratin treatment follow-up care professionals to get the most out of your new hair after keratin treatment (and to keep it the longest!)

Keratin hair styling products every woman should own 

There are several new keratin options that stay in your hair for a day or a few hours. Short-term options smooth the hair. But it doesn't last as long as four days. It's for people who really want straight hair and can't always handle their hair bulk.

Make a plan in advance. Get treatment at least 4 days before the event or special night.

Try the Cadiveu sol do Rio Beach Waves that leaves the hair with the natural look by offering loose waves, as if it had just come out of a dive in the sea, without them getting coarse or dry looking. While it texturizes, its formula protects the softness and shine with an anti-pollution shield for beautiful, sensual, and healthy hair at the same time.

Do you want a quick brushing with an ultra-shine? Go for this ultra-light spray with thermal protection that prevents frizz effectively and is long-lasting. Its formula enriched with Acai Oil and Marine Collagen restores and aligns the cuticle layer while recharging lost hydration, in addition to creating a protective film that assures the shine of healthy and well-retained hair. 

Give your hair a lift by using our broad range of Cadiveu’s Hair Styling Products  

Use the best Cadiveu’s keratin-infused hair styling products when you want to add volume to all types of hair. By going through our products, you'll learn about this lightweight and easy-to-use hair product. Our keratin hair styling products enhance shine while detangling disorderly locks. With our favorite hair styling keratin treatments, you'll be ready for anything the day throws at you.

Find the best professional hair styling products that work on thin tresses that need volume. By exploring our hair styling products, you'll get to know the amazing benefits of our hair styling products. Pick the top keratin hair styling products to keep your tresses looking healthy and moisturized and use them wisely to see gorgeous results.

Cadiveu keratin product sprays or oils help refresh your style between washes while nourishing, strengthening, and protecting your hair. When your style is worn out, spray a gentle mist on your dry hair. Comb or tousle it with your finger. You can air dry and brush your hair, or use a heating tool to change your style.

Explore professional hair styling products from Cadiveu

To figure out which hairstyling keratin treatment to buy, think about your current hair styling regime. Where a treatment would suit you best — in the shower? Before blow-drying? While wandering around the house with air-dried hair? There are also more practical things to consider, like your budget, and any existing brand loyalties you may have.

Ahead, you’ll find the best great keratin treatments to select from, from masks and luxurious oils to pre-styling creams and effective shampoos and conditioners for travel — all conveniently available on Cadiveu professional. 

When it comes to retaining a keratin treatment, it’s significant to use products that will help with longevity and mimic what the initial treatment achieved. These products are also best for those who aren’t ready for an actual keratin treatment but want some of the advantages that using keratin protein provides. 

Get the keratin best professional hair styling products for your hair type and concerns at beauty brands. We have professional hair styling products to enhance the body to thin hair, smooth frizzy hair, or define curly hair. You'll explore the best professional hair products to add fullness to flat hair, along with anti-frizz treatments that smooth unruly hair. Sculpt short hair with pomade, or shield long tresses with heat protection spray while blow-drying. From hair shampoos to shine spray, many salon styling products are also convenient for color-treated hair. Try professional hair styling products from beauty brands when you require help with thinning hair, weak hair, or damaged hair.