Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Hair Treatment 300ML


Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin suitable for thin, blond or chemically treated hair.This product reduces the volume, provides a 30% relaxed look, restructures the hair, making it frizz free, reduces styling time of your hair to one third.


1.wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo for 3-4 times as per the hair type.

2.blow dry the hair completely.

3.apply eco keratin on 6 sections. leave it for 50 mins. (cling/shrink wrap not required.)

4.blow dry the hair with full heat until it’s dried completely.

5.iron the hair with 210°-230° (12-15 strokes ). leave it for 5 mins to let the hair cool down to room temperature.

6.rinse the hair with cold water.

7.apply no.3 deep conditioning mask.

8.leave it for 5 mins & rinse the hair. apply a suitable leave- in (acai oil or primer.)

9.blow dry the hair completely.