Cadiveu BTX Vegan Collagen - 1000ml


1-step smoothening with maximum durability. With a highly concentrated glyoxylic acid formula, it has the ability to penetrate into the deep area of ??the cortex, changing the structure of the strands for a high-performance smoothening. It’s powerful formula also contains a high concentration of VEGETAL COLLAGEN, a very powerful natural active rich in amino acids that fills the fiber from the cortex to the cuticle, providing flexibility, strength, hydration, softness to the hair.. 

Apply a few drops o the palm of your hands and spread it on the lengths and ends of dry or damp hair. Style it any way you like. TIP: Apply the serum little by little to the hair, so you don't run the risk of getting a greasy aspect. Also avoid running your hands over the roots after applying the product.