Brasil Cacau Gradual Smooth Serum - Cadiveu

Brasil Cacau Gradual Smooth Serum for Women 215ml


Reset the clock on your hair smoothing treatment or creates an instantly straight hair effect without harsh chemicals. Its up to you!Provides long lasting frizz control, seals cuticle and cuts blow drying time.Does not weight the hair down.


Use as maintenance service in between hair smoothing/keratin treatments for longer-lasting results
It can also be used for a perfect blow-dry, which lasts until the next wash even in a humid environment.
1) Wash the hair using Extreme Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
2) Spray Brasil Cacau Gradual Smooth Serum throughout on towel-dried/damp hair. Comb through.
3) Blow-dry the hair.
4) For better results, flat iron the hair sections. (Usually, 3 to 5 passes from roots to the ends)