Cadiveu BTX Vegan Collagen - 300ml


1-step smoothening with maximum durability. With a highly concentrated glyoxylic acid formula, it has the ability to penetrate into the deep area of ??the cortex, changing the structure of the strands for a high-performance smoothening. It’s powerful formula also contains a high concentration of VEGETAL COLLAGEN, a very powerful natural active rich in amino acids that fills the fiber from the cortex to the cuticle, providing flexibility, strength, hydration, softness to the hair. 

No need to wash hair first. Divide the hair into 6 parts and apply VEGAN BTX with the aid of a brush half centimeter from the root, avoiding contact with the scalp. Distribute the product using a fine-tooth comb. Leave it on for up to 60 minutes and rinse partially, removing only the excess product. Dry 100% and straighten (15 to 20 times on the roots and lengths; less often on the ends, according to the hair integrity). Use temperatures between 180-230°C, according to the Hair Lock Test*. Hair Lock Test: Use the flat iron, gradually increasing the temperature. Set the ideal temperature and number of strokes, evaluating the elasticity and strength of the hair fiber as well as maintenance of the color. Rinse. PROFESSIONAL TIP: If needed wash the hair with STEP 1 Anti Residue Shampoo and finish with the SETP 3 Deep Conditioning Mask