Vegan repair beach waves


Anitta Beach Waves' Cadiveu Professional Essentials Vegan Repair Texturizing Spray was created with care to help you obtain the wavy hair of your dreams. The product is great for texturing, softening, and brightening hair at home, always in an extremely simple and fast way, thanks to its unique and powerful combination, which includes the distinctive Curl Memory technology and offers long-lasting results. It also protects you from the sun and the elements.

Recommendation: Damaged hair

Main ingredients: Avocado Oil / Crambe Oil / Panthenol / Sunflower Oil / Shea Butter / Rice Wax

How to use:

Step 1- Apply the product to previously moist hair at a distance of around 20 cm from the strands.

Step 2- Then, using your hands, gently massage strand by strand until you can see waves forming. Step 3- There is no need to rinse.

Weight: 200 ml