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Yes, going to the salon every 3-6 months for keratin treatment can cut the styling time in half, leaving a smooth, shiny and manageable strand. However, it is a very time-consuming and expensive hair treatment. A single service can cost more, and you can sit in a salon chair for 2 to 6 hours, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Aside from the fact that we also participate in pandemics and salon trips, especially long trips, it's not a wise option for everyone.

Protect your hair with professional keratin treatment at home

Enter a DIY option: Home-care keratin, which has the smooth properties of professional treatment, minus the harsh chemicals commonly found in salon keratin services: B. Formaldehyde. And as the desire for effective home treatment grows, so does the technology that addresses this challenge. That is, even five years ago, home keratin treatments were never uncommon (or so great). And very simple: now it's them.

Home keratin treatment does not last as long as a salon treatment, but it is important to note that it does the job without breaking the bank. Always follow the instructions carefully and use the product in a well-ventilated area. Now, instead of wrestling your hair every morning, you can finally return to the good of life. Below is a summary of the simplest and most suitable keratin treatments for home use to provide salon-worthy hair at a fraction of the cost.

Get professional results from Sol Do Rio Cadiveu products

We all know skin aging, but hair also ages! Over time, hair gets used to losing keratin when exposed to hair coloring, bleaching, and heating (blow dryers, curlers, straighteners, etc.). As a result, the scales become loose and porous, separating or breaking apart, resulting in more fragile hair. To counterattack, you need to increase your keratin reserves. Keratin is not naturally regenerated by the body. Here comes a special hair care product!

Say goodbye to bad hair days with Cadiveu Sol Do Rio shampoo! This shampoo is the first step towards complete hair reconstruction. Its non-aggressive formula gives the hair shine and suppleness visibly strengthens it and protects it from extreme damage. Sol do rio shampoo prolongs the effects of keratin treatments and prevents fading of hair. It comes with a UV protection shield and gives it a strong glow.

With Cadiveu Sol Do Rio shampoo, enters the Cadiveu Sol Do Rio conditioner that leaves hair nourished, soft, and with sealed cuticles and shields the hair against daily aggressions. It makes hair visibly strong and soft, flexible, and illuminated. The formula is silicone-free and petrochemical-free, is enhanced with 21 amino acids and coconut water that repair strength by controlling breakage, and leaves the hair entirely shiny and soft.

Amino acids and coconut water: a union that assures the resistance and elasticity of the hair fiber against damage and breakage, in addition to offering softness and shine. Strengthens and gives lightness and luster to hair with Cadiveu sol do rio re charge protein. It is made with a blend of 21 amino acids and coconut water, which absorbs the deeper layers of the fiber and restores the heavily damaged cortex with the quick rescue of resistance against aggressions.

Do you want to treat your hair with deep nourishment? Cadiveu acai oil shampoo deeply nourishes and removes impurities from the hair. Indicated for voluminous and frizzy hair, it provides efficient cleaning without damaging the strands. With this, you get the Cadiveu acai oil conditioner that gives maximum discipline and prolonged shine! Indicated for voluminous and frizzy hair, achieve the shiny hair with cadiveu acai oil mask that helps realign the strands and seal the cuticles.

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