Vegan Repair Conditioner 250ml


Nourish and repair hair from root to tip, eliminating frizz and sealing the ends with the Cadiveu's vegan hair conditioner. It is perfect for dull, brittle, frizzy, dry and split ends hair.

Recommendation: Damaged hair

Main ingredients: Avocado Oil / Crambe Oil / Panthenol / Sunflower Oil / Shea Butter / Rice Wax

How to use:

Step 1- Apply a small bit of shampoo directly to the root of the hair if it was previously damp.

Step 2- Then, gently massage the entire scalp area and rinse well as soon as you notice foam forming. Step 3- Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Step 4- After that, apply conditioner to the length and ends of your hair.

Step 5- Massage each lock individually before completely rinsing.

Weight: 250ml