Buy Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Re-charge Protein

Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Re-Charge Protein 250ML


Protein's powerful combination of 21 amino acids and coconut water, Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Re-Charge Protein rebuilds hair with heavily damaged cortex.  It also increases each hair's strength from the heart of the fiber. This makes hair light, while also making hair look shiny and healthy.

Main ingredients: Amino Acids + Coconut Water

3 modes of use:
Mask: Nourishes and restructures

Leave-in: Removes frizz, shapes waves and curls, in addition to shielding against fading and/or yellowing.

Pre-Discoloration: Preserves against possible chemical aggressions.

Recommendation: Damaged hair with split ends

Reasons to choose the Sol Do Rio Re-Charge Protein:

  • Sulfate Free 

  • Professional use only

  • Infused with 21 amino acids and coconut water

  • Reinforces hair cuticles and prolongs gradual brush effect

  • Helps prevent breakage

  • Instant Shine

  • Restores Ends

  • Formaldehyde-free 

After washing hair with Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Shampoo, apply this protein to damp hair, massage and rinse.