The Only Choice for Professionals: Plasatica Dos Fios

The Only Choice for Professionals: Plasatica Dos Fios
By Cadiveu | 29, September, 2022

Does your client desire the quick results of plastic surgery utilizing only the mildest elements from nature? 
The best hair plastic surgery products for their rigorous hair care demands is Plastica Dos Fios.  

In order to specifically address the market's need for a practical, long-lasting alternative to natural smoothing best hair plastic surgery products, Cadiveu created Plastica Dos Fios in 2007. 

This ground-breaking  best hair plastic surgery product produces longer-lasting hair that is smoother, sleeker, and stronger by changing amino acids in the hair strands! 

The Secret? 

With the help of amino acids and the potent antioxidant açai, the hair is wonderfully repaired by hair plastic surgery treatment, with a bright high shine finish and long-lasting effects that guarantee an appearance of professional confidence. 

Only available to professionals, this hair plastic surgery treatment, Plastica Dos Fios has a fantastic selection of aftercare products that have been especially created to complement the treated hair produced by Plastica Dos Fios. 

Fully Compatible with All South African Hair Types 

No problem if your hair is ethnic, Caucasian, frizzy, curly, or just difficult to manage. 

This adaptable product is compatible with other goods and can be used with or without additional chemical hair keratin treatments. 

Effectiveness via a Special Advanced Process 

Plastica dos Fios guarantees healthy, straight, lustrous, and frizz-free hair with the unique "Easy Straight Method" for up to three months with a sophisticated Thermo-Active Reconstructive Process. 

Truly Effective Ingredients: 

Acai: To Recreate 

Brazilian fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants significantly aid in the regeneration of the Keratin in hair. 

Arginine: For Strengthening   

An essential amino acid that promotes the growth of fresh, natural hair while preventing hair loss and breakage and improving density and strength.

Acetic Acid: For Protection 

Organic substance with an acidic pH that closes the hair's cuticle and helps to protect the hair during keratin treatment 

Works Effortlessly in a 3 Step Process That Is Convenient: 

Step 1: Get ready 


P.H 9.0 opens the cuticle and thoroughly cleans the hair, preparing it for the Thermal Hair Reconstruction keratin treatment. 

Step 2: Restore 


P.H 2.8 repairs the hair intensely and produces an effect of ultimate straightness. Healthy, lustrous, soft, and frizz-free hair is the end result. 

Step 3: Protect 


P.H. 4.5 seals the treatment and offers thorough hydration. The hair is balanced to the  optimum PH 


  • Washing and styling your hair the same day is convenient 

  • The comfort of both the client and the salon professional is ensured by the unscented product 

  • Utilizable before to or following any other chemical procedure 

  • Unique application technique results in naturally healthy-looking hair ends 

  • Quick, simple, and practical application 

  • Minimal fume emission - Our keratin treatment just requires a small amount of anti-frizz active to be employed. Prior to flat ironing, we use a cool-drying technique to reduce fumes. 

  • Assuming the recommended guidelines are followed, ensures a look that lasts up to three months. 

  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly 

  • Ethic Acid, a straightening agent with no formaldehyde, is utilized. 

All You Should Know About Plastica Dos Fios Hair Plastic Surgery Kit 

A three-month intensive keratin treatment, the Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios hair plastic surgery kit reduces volume, gets rid of frizz, and creates straight, controlled hair strands. It provides great shine, profoundly nourishes and moisturizes the strands, as well as strengthening the structure to guard against breaking. For optimal results, combine with the rest of the Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios keratin line. You'll have naturally straight, frizz-free, strengthened, repaired hair with a gorgeous shine for up to three months! The kit of plastica dos fios price in India starts at MRP: 18000/-. 

Although there are various ways to use keratin in your hair care regimen, using keratin shampoo is the simplest. You will see changes as soon as you convert to keratin products because they are made to employ the natural components of hair to rebuild their structure. Hair may be deeply nourished, cleaned, and repaired from chemical and UV damage with products that contain keratin treatments. So use caution when using shampoo bottles and containers. Professional keratin treatment solutions can aid in rebuilding the protein structure of hair that has been damaged, resulting in smoother, softer hair over time and giving you the healthier feel and appearance you desire. 

Are you looking for the best keratin products to include in your regular hair care routine? In any case, Cadiveu Professional is here to assist you. You can acquire a variety of the top professional keratin treatment products on the market right now by visiting our website. 

Enhance your life by improving your hair!