By Cadiveu | 21, July, 2022

There are many individuals who are unsure of the distinctions between a Silk Press and a brazil keratin treatment. After reading this, I hope you'll clearly comprehend the differences or at the very least be informed. 

First off, there is absolutely no connection between any of these treatments and a relaxer service. They are temporary, and if carried out properly (with the proper products), they won't harm your hair. 

What is a silk press? 

Simply having your natural Afro hair straightened is a Silk Press service. The name "Silk Press" originated in America as a method to distinguish the service from the standard blow-drying and straightening. We wouldn't say that straightening relaxed hair, or straightening Afro hair, is the same thing. You will constantly note that it takes longer to start. In order to make it last, you have to utilize more tension, therefore there is a strategy to it. Several processes are required for the Silk Press service, including thorough hair cleansing, conditioning (we highly recommend deep conditioning), blow-drying, and straightening the hair. 

What is the period of a silk press? 

Another question. sincere answer: it depends. Although many people would love for their silk press to last for weeks on end, it really depends on your hair type. The majority of my customers' silk presses endure at least two weeks, and some even 4-6 weeks! However, some clients' silk presses do not survive more than a day or two (generally, this is just the roots reverting rather than the whole head). If this describes you, you might want to start thinking about the keratin treatment at this point. 

What is a keratin treatment? 

A Keratin Treatment is only a method of protecting the hair from humidity to lessen frizz, resulting in smoother, softer hair. Your curl pattern will loosen if the Keratin Treatment contains formaldehyde, a substance that is present in some relaxer products. Here at Cadiveu, we provide a formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment. 

The cortex, the medulla, and the cuticle. Your hair's cuticle serves as a protective shell for your hair, so when your stylist advises you to get regular deep conditioning treatments, they're doing so to keep your cuticle healthy (flat). A keratin treatment just penetrates the cuticle, leaving the cortex intact (this is why washing your hair before the treatment opens your cuticles). In other words, a Keratin Treatment only hydrates the cuticle, the hair's outermost layer. When you blow dry or straighten it later with any heat tools, the treatment prevents humidity, keeping the hair smooth and frizz-free. 

Fun fact: Because keratin is a component of hair, a Keratin Treatment (when done correctly) is not damaging to hair and can even strengthen it. 

Depending on how frequently you wash your hair, a Keratin treatment can last for three to six months. Your curl pattern shouldn't be altered by this procedure. If your hair has been permanently affected, you likely have some sort of heat damage or have taken a formaldehyde-containing treatment. A Silk Press can be finished in as little as an hour, but the Keratin Treatment takes roughly three hours. 

So what makes a relaxer different from a keratin treatment? 

Your hair's structure is altered with a relaxer. it will drastically relax your curl pattern because it penetrates the cortex and remains there forever. Because it is not a severe treatment and is semi-permanent, the keratin treatment just smooths the hair's surface. Because of this, even though there will be less frizz, you can still wear your hair in its natural form. This is also the reason why it will last much longer and stay silky and soft when you follow up with a Silk Press (on Keratin-treated hair). Because it will significantly lessen frizz, a blow dry or Silk Press will be much easier to maintain and last much longer on women who have kinky and/or very frizzy hair but love their blow dry very smooth or wish to stay their hair straight for a prolonged period of time. 

Now, what suggestions do you have? 

We will respond that it depends on your way of living. A silk press is your best choice if you don't like to experiment with new looks and merely want your hair straight for a few days to a few weeks. If cost is a decisive factor for you, it is also more economical. A keratin treatment would likely be preferable for you if you have afro natural hair and desire to wear it straight most of the time but don't want to use or maintain a relaxer. Remember that the Keratin Treatment does need some upkeep, just like any other service, so it's critical that you keep up with your regular hair care regimen. 

Cadiveu provides the best keratin treatment products, so feel free to peruse our selection of goods to choose which will work best for your hair in particular. We hope this has provided a great deal of clarity and you can now distinguish between the various services. In the end, we advise doing what suits you best (as long as you maintain healthy hair), because, as we often say, "love is in the hair." 

Keratin treatment price? The keratin hair treatment price will be based on the hair spa treatment the user chooses and the hair length. Check out the luxurious formula of the Cadiveu Professional Essentials Bye Bye Frizz Protection Kit. For up to 72 hours, the Cadiveu Professional Essentials Bye Bye Frizz Protection Kit lessens frizz and realigns the hair. It restores damaged hair in a few applications and reduces potential damage brought by sunlight, heat from hair dryers or straighteners even in the presence of humidity. 

Remember to use keratin products with a nutritious diet to increase protein production and improve the health of your hair.