Washing Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment

Washing Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment
By Cadiveu | 27, October, 2022

Do you need to know when you may wash your hair after getting a keratin treatment? 

There are numerous varieties of keratin treatments available nowadays. 

In addition to keratin treatments sold for use at home, professional keratin treatments are available in salons. Even though these two types of treatments differ greatly from one another, they all use heat to apply keratin, which is a characteristic of all keratin treatments. 

A hair dryer and a hair straightener are two heated styling tools that the stylist uses in the salon to apply the keratin and then seal it. 

And because they are professional instruments, both are utilised in environments with extremely high temperatures. 

And it's highly possible that the hairdresser will let you know that you can wash your hair after 24 hours when they're done applying the keratin treatment. 

It's also possible that they advise against washing your hair for 48 hours in order to extend the effectiveness of the therapy. 

If you did a keratin treatment at home, you must strictly adhere to the directions provided with the treatments. 

And by that you should adhere to the directions both during the course of the treatment and afterward. 

You'll see some differences in this area. For instance, the Brazilian Blowout, a shorter-lasting treatment than a keratin one, advises against washing your hair for at least 48 hours after receiving it. 

So, as a rule, we can state the following: 


And if you receive a professional keratin treatment, that period of time would be appropriate. 

If you had an at-home keratin treatment, it is best to wait 72 hours or as long as your particular manufacturer advises before washing your hair. 

The way the keratin affects your hair will determine how long you should wait after using the treatment. 

You may not be aware, but the major protein in your hair—keratin—is what gives it structure, texture, and health. 

Your hair cuticles begin to break when you colour it, bleach it, or use heated styling equipment excessively because they are losing their natural keratin. 

Some signs of damage start to show up as your hair starts to lose keratin: 

  • Frizz\sRigidness 
  • Dryness 
  • Lack of lustre 

Because of this, keratin treatments work incredibly well on frizzy, dry, and dehydrated hair. 

The cuticles of your hair are repaired and sealed by keratin, allowing your hair to retain moisture, protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

Because of this, your hair will regain its shine and smoothness after the keratin treatment and the frizz will disappear. 


Knowing how keratin treatments function can help you better understand why you must wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair. 

Why do so many individuals doubt if they should wash their hair 24 hours after receiving a keratin treatment? 

It all has to do with how these hair treatments have developed. 

When the initial keratin treatments were performed by professionals, hairdressers advised waiting 72 hours before washing your hair. 

Later, 48 hours following the treatment was sufficient time to wash your hair, thus it was no longer required to wait those 72 hours. 

You can now wash your hair 24 hours after receiving professional keratin treatments. 

The evolution, however, has not yet reached the at-home keratin treatments. You should wait 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair if you perform the treatment at home. 

Most likely, you didn't utilize high-temperature professional styling equipment to seal the keratin in more quickly. 

As a result, if you use an at-home keratin treatment and wash your hair before 24 hours have passed, the keratin will be removed and your hair will become frizzy once more. 

Do you need some expert advice? 

We would advise waiting 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair if you underwent an at-home keratin treatment. 

Because if you do it that way, all of the keratin will have been absorbed by your hair cuticles. 


24-48 hours after receiving a keratin treatment in a salon, you can wash your hair. 

However, it's preferable to adhere to the directions provided with the procedure if you underwent an at-home keratin treatment. Generally speaking, it's advised to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. 

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