The Duration Of A Keratin Treatment: Professional Vs. At- Home

The Duration Of A Keratin Treatment: Professional Vs. At- Home
By Cadiveu | 27, October, 2022

We're sure you were a little let down when you read the first few paragraphs if you always strive to do everything by hand. 

Even still, everything has a reason, so we suppose you must have thought it was unfair.  

In spite of the fact that at-home keratin treatments are a blessing in a fast-paced world where there never seems to be enough time for anything, they are less efficient than a professional procedure. 


Because applying a nutritious mask differs from applying a keratin treatment. It requires a method. 

After receiving specific training, you can learn more about it. 

Home keratin hair treatments: are they worthwhile? 

You alone can make that choice. 

You must understand how each procedure differs in order to accomplish this. 

And why does the time required for a professional keratin treatment differ so much from a home remedy? 

Why Lasts A Professional Keratin Treatment Longer Than One For Home Use? 

The application procedure is the primary distinction between a professional treatment and one you can purchase offline or online. 

A special method that uses high heat is used to apply the keratin treatment at the salon. 

The keratin hair treatment is applied and then sealed with a flat iron set to 230 degrees Celsius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it might continue for three to four months. 

The stylist can use the iron on a single strand up to fifteen times. 

At most two or three millimetres broad, each of these strands is extremely thin. Yes, that is accurate.  

You may calculate how long it takes the hairdresser to seal the keratin treatment by using simple math. 

The hairdresser takes her time flat ironing the client's hair. The client doesn't experience any pain while ironing the back portions. 

The duration will therefore range from two to four months. 

How About The Home Keratin Treatment? 

Due to the fact that not everyone has access to high-temperature professional flat irons, it is typically applied with less heat. 

Additionally, most people lack the patience to repeatedly iron the strands. 

If so, home keratin treatments are far less effective than those administered by a professional. They might last 45 days at most. 

Do you know that you are aware of the differences and consider salon treatments to be worthwhile? 

Consider another matter if you believe it to be better. 

The Length Of The Keratin Treatment Depends On The Structure Of The Hair As Well

Straight, curly, or wavy hair structures are the three most common forms. Each one's keratin treatment takes a varied amount of time. 

On Straight Hair, How Long Does Keratin Last?

To prevent frizz, naturally straight hair needs more moisture. Straight hair suffers from a less airy and more immediately oily scalp. 

As a result, the mid-lengths and lengths will constantly be dry or frizzy while the roots and growth will always be oily. 

Keratin reduces the greasiness of the hair and eliminates frizz. In straight hair, the procedure normally lasts three months. 

On Wavy Or Curly Hair, How Long Does Keratin Last? 

Frizz is more common in hair that is wavy or curly and is finer. When damp, curly hair becomes unruly and feels dry from the middle to the ends. 

Each hair strand is hydrated while being thickened and strengthened by keratin. It "tames" your hair by filling in the crevices between each strand. 

Curly hair will only benefit from the keratin treatment for a maximum of two months. 

Do you desire an additional tip following the keratin treatment? 

Depending on the condition of your hair, how long does the keratin treatment last? 

Healthy hair requires less nutrients than damaged hair does. 

After the procedure, avoid combing your hair. 

Simply use your hands to style it to prevent damaging the structure and dulling your hair. 

Depending On The Condition Of Your Hair, How Long Does The Keratin Treatment Last?

Healthy hair requires less nutrients than damaged hair does. 

We don't only mean bleached hair when we talk about damaged hair. Your hair will be at least partly damaged if you use a flat iron or blow dryer excessively, or if you colour it frequently due to the nutrients and moisture it has lost. 

Keratin is easily absorbed by damaged hair. The therapy won't last long in that situation because more than one application is required to effectively repair the hair. Therefore: 

  • The keratin treatment will last two months if your hair is damaged. 

  • The procedure might last up to five months if your hair is in good condition. 

How Can The Keratin Treatment Be Maintained To Lengthen Its Duration? 

The timer for the subsequent application starts after the salon's application of the keratin treatment. 

If you think about some significant aftercare in your hair beauty routine, you can space out the treatment intervals. 

The following are a few variables that may affect the length of the course of treatment: 

  • Periodic hair washing 

  • Cosmetics containing sulphates 

  • Bleaching or dyeing your hair permanently   

Maintaining a beauty regimen that doesn't eliminate the keratin treatment is advised. 

For instance, routinely washing your hair with cosmetics that include chemicals like sulphates, metallic salts, or alcohol will quickly undo your therapy. 

Bleaching or permanent dyes make it worse. The keratin you've added will be eliminated by those procedures. 

Here are some suggestions to make your keratin treatment last longer. 

  • After every 48 to 72 hours, wash your hair.

Your hair can be naturally moisturized and shielded from drying out from environmental influences like the sun by using scalp oil. 

Even if you apply keratin treatments every two months, your hair will still seem dry and frizzy if you wash it out every day. 

With each wash, you'll also partially wash away the keratin treatment

One of the most crucial care practices you should think about incorporating into the rest of your beauty regimen is this one.

Include new items that don't contain silicones, alcohol, metallic salts, sulphates, or parabens. 

These chemicals damage the hair and eliminate keratin in addition to causing wear and tear. 

What professional keratin treatment products should you apply following the keratin treatment to prolong its effects? 

Basically, items that moisturize and hydrate your hair without stripping it of keratin. 

Professional keratin treatment products that contain collagen, keratin, elastin, or ceramides. These items support the therapy and increase the amount of keratin while nourishing your hair. 

After receiving a keratin treatment, avoid bleaching or colouring your hair. 

The only method for keeping the keratin treatment in your hair for a longer period of time is harsh, though. 

The keratin is quickly removed by the chemicals used in these procedures. After receiving a keratin treatment, avoid bleaching or colouring your hair. 

The only method for keeping the keratin treatment in your hair for a longer period of time is harsh, though. 

The keratin is quickly removed by the chemicals used in these procedures. 


While a home-use treatment only lasts up to 45 days, a professional keratin treatment can last up to four months. 

The length of time will also rely on your hair's structure, its condition at the time of application, and your aftercare practices.