Protect and shine with keratin hair serum

Protect and shine with keratin hair serum
By Cadiveu | 18, August, 2022


Our hair is formed of keratin, which you might not be aware of. It is a protein that works to strengthen and protect our skin, hair, and nails. Because keratin also smoothes out the cells in our hair, it plays a crucial role in the battle against dry, curly hair. In what ways may hair serum aid in the battle against frizz? It is a thin liquid-based product that gives the hair a smooth surface and long-lasting shine. 

When applied as a keratin infused protein hair serum, keratin is incredibly effective in increasing hair strength and resilience without weighing down your hair. 

Incredible Facts 

·  Shields hair from toxins, dryness, and damage brought on by hair treatments. 

·  Reduces broken ends and keeps hair flexible and lustrous all day. 

·  By replacing lost keratin and regaining hair strength, reduces breakage. 

·  It gives hair more volume and aids in moisture retention. 

·  Keratin is replenished, enhancing the strength and hardness of the hair. 

Keratin Hair Serum Benefits 

Hair Smoothing 

Your hair is nourished, past damage is repaired, and future damage is prevented with the aid of keratin infused protein hair serum. Argan, Wheat Germ, and Vitamin E oils are present in it, and they combine to moisturize dry hair and restore its gloss, softness, and shine. Your hair is encased in keratin protein, which gives it new life, gives it body, and restores its elasticity and flexibility. 

The keratin infused protein hair serum makes your hair smoother, shinier, and healthier while assisting in preventing additional damage. Are you tired of having static-filled hair that is prone to freezing up due to split ends? You may put a stop to those poor hair days with keratin infused protein hair serum. Additionally, it protects hair from future harm brought on by the environment, flat irons, blow-drying, and chemical processes in addition to preserving the color of the hair. 

The best part is that keratin infused protein hair serum doesn't make your hair limp. It is a rich, non-greasy, aqua-based serum that absorbs swiftly and deeply into your hair to provide it nourishing hydration right away. 

Reduces frizz 

If your hair is fragile and damaged, it may look frizzy or dry. Additionally, you can have flyaways or hair that appears to be standing on end. 

These problems may be managed thanks to the silicone in hair serums. It gives weak strands additional weight and solidity. Silicon's capacity to coat your hair also aids in securing the pattern of your natural curls. 

Hydrolyzed proteins, which are present in several hair serums, can aid in reducing the static charge that produces frizz and flyaways. 

Decreases tangles 

Your hair is less prone to tangle or knot if it is sleek and smooth. Hair serum's detangling properties can make combing, styling, and managing your hair easier. 

Encourages shine 

Your hair will typically appear glossier and shinier when it is smooth. Additionally, some silicones found in hair serums have the ability to reflect light, enhancing the illusion of overall shine. 

Improves the straightness or curl 

Your hair type is determined by the shape of your hair follicle, which might be one of the following: Straight\wavy\curly\coily 

Each type of hair has a specific hair serum. If you have curly hair, for instance, you can use a serum to make your curls more defined or bouncy. 

Similar to this, a keratin hair serum can improve the smoothness and gloss of straight hair. 

Defends against harm 

Hair serum can help shield your strands from many forms of damage since it coats your hair. This involves harm brought on by: 

  • Chemical transformation (like coloring, perming, or straightening) 

  • Heat injury (from blow drying and heated styling tools) 

  • External pressure (like sun exposure) 

  • Physical strain (due to repeated hair styling) 

Cadiveu Acai Oil- best keratin hair serum 

Another great hair care product to keep on hand for keratin-treated hair is a smoothing serum. One of our preferred serums for keeping your strands in style is the acai oil hair serum from Cadiveu. 

After spending a lot of time in the sun, your keratin-treated hair could become extremely dry and frizzy. The UV rays from the sun can also dry out the hair shaft and impair the natural cohesiveness of the hair. The good news is that applying acai oil to sun-damaged hair can also be quite helpful. The keratin hair serum benefits of acai oil include the substantial amounts of polyphenols it contains, which function as antioxidants and defend against a range of environmental threats, including UV light. If you want to spend time outside in the sun, treat your hair with the best keratin hair serum from Cadiveu ; the acai oil before leaving the house. 

To improve environmental protection, also check out another best keratin hair serum ; Brasil Cacau Shine Serum to the ends of your hair. Achieve glossier strands by getting keratin hair serum online from Cadiveu.