Monsoon guide: Deal with Frizz Hair with Cadiveu

Monsoon guide: Deal with Frizz Hair with Cadiveu
By Cadiveu | 24, June, 2022

Our hair suffers the most during the monsoon season. Hair not only falls out more, but it also sits flat on a sweaty, oily scalp. Our tresses somehow manage to become frizzy and unruly as a result of all of this. What causes all of these vexing events to occur as soon as the rainy season arrives? Cadiveu looked into it, and here is what they discovered—including the answer to these issues!


In humid conditions, why does hair get frizzy and damaged?

Keratin, a strong protein found in hair, is responsible for the structure of the hair . Millions of layers of keratin fuse together to form hair cuticles, which are stacked on top of one another to make the hair shaft. Millions of these structures combine to produce a head of hair, yet even minor modifications to these structures can alter one's hair.

Hair proteins are now bonded together with various types of connections. Hydrogen bonds are one of these bonds. These bonds are more numerous than other types of bonds, but they are also weaker, making them more easily damaged and disturbed. Hair changes shape as a result, resulting in frizz for the purposes of this article.

But, you might wonder, why does this happen in humid conditions? During the monsoon, there is a lot of water vapour in the air. Water, or H2O, contains hydrogen, as we all know. The hydrogen bonds in hair react with the water in the air because hydrogen is quite weak. As a result, your strands' structure changes and develops a kink.


Why does hair fall become more severe during the rainy season?

Hair breakage can be caused by broken keratin connections in your strands, but this isn't the sole cause of hair loss during the monsoon. More wetness and less sun exposure lead to a rise in fungus infections on the scalp. These fungi infect the hair follicles and irritate the scalp. This obstructs fairness and consistency at the root, causing hair to fall out more frequently.

If your hair is exposed to precipitation, the condition will worsen. Pollutants in the air combine with rainwater to coat your hair and scalp, causing damage and a greasy appearance. If you don't use the correct cleanser, you'll end up with a congested, filthy scalp that isn't healthy enough for hair to grow out of.


Create a hair care regimen that addresses frizz, hair loss, and a blocked scalp

Avoid using sulfate-containing shampoos. Instead, use Cadiveu professional,& a high-quality shampoo that dissolves hair build up without harsh detergents that might strip the keratin covering.

Whether your hair is dry or damaged, too thick or too curly, brazil Keratin treatments can help with your hair’s misdeeds.

A shampoo like Cadiveu’s Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Shampoo is ideal for this because it effectively removes buildup, leaving your hair clean and clear while remaining a mild and

sulfate-free recipe that won’t harm your keratin-treated hair. The greatest technique to improve the strength of your hair is to use a keratin conditioner, shampoo, or hair mask. However, applying too many keratin products might cause hair to become overly stiff.

The importance of a good hair masque treatment should not be overlooked. These keratin products are made to condition your hair while also healing damage. Apply a tailored therapeutic masque based on your symptoms once a week. Allow the mask to cure for 30 minutes before removing it. You'll be astounded by the positive difference in your hair texture.

Hair masks, like Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex Mask, are an essential element of our hair care regimen. This hair mask restores hair's natural sheen by hydrating, reconstructing, and strengthening it. It's a fantastic hair treatment. Apply after shampooing to maximise the impact. Use this essential to revivify and revitalize drab monsoon hair. After shampooing with an Extreme Repair Mask, apply this hair mask once a week, concentrating on the length and edges. Allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes before properly washing.

Try a Cadiveu keratin serum instead of salt sprays, hairsprays, or mousses to keep your hair happy and healthy. The Brasil Cacau Shine Serum coats the hair in a protective layer that helps to remove frizz while also serving as a conditioner and producing instant shine.

You certainly deserve the very best. So, this monsoon season, treat yourself to a makeover that includes a Cadiveu's keratin hair straightening treatment. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and hello to smooth, manageable hair that lasts for weeks with Cadiveu's keratin hair treatment.

Make the switch to our formaldehyde-free keratin treatments during the monsoon season to smooth and extend your hair. Try our Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Hair Treatment, which is free of formaldehyde and will restore the health and smoothness of your hair. Discover the benefits of Cadiveu and shine like a light this monsoon.

Apart from the chemicals used, it's also crucial to remember that heat styling can amplify frizz, therefore straightening or blow-drying hair excessively isn't recommended. The only way to save your hair is to protect it and nurture it.


Important tip:

Your best bet is to follow the directions of the best keratin treatment product you choose, although typically they can be used as often as required.

You're probably wondering how much keratin hair treatment costs. The keratin treatment price varies according to the service. The greatest keratin treatment in India might cost anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 10,000 (depending on hair length as well), excluding follow-up appointments, depending on the hair and length salon you choose. A lot of salons slash their keratin hair treatment prices during the festive season. The keratin hair treatment prices are quite decent in India and the effect of the keratin treatment lasts for about 3-4 months.

For many of us, having long, bouncy, and voluminous hair remains a dream. However, if you have the correct hair care products list, this desire can become a reality. Cadiveu has the best hair care products in India for getting soft, straight hair.