Keratin treatments: The hair-smoothing salon secret

Keratin treatments: The hair-smoothing salon secret
By Cadiveu | 16, September, 2022

We adore all types of lovely hair texture, including curly, kinky, straight, and wavy. The way you wear yours, though, is entirely up to you. 
A keratin treatment might be right for you if you prefer smooth straight hair but are prone to frizz. One of the best smoothing treatments for enhancing shine and manageability in frizz-prone hair, leaving it sleek and straight, it is also known as a keratin hair treatment or a brazil keratin treatment. It's fantastic for folks with naturally curly hair because it eliminates frizz and makes it easier to handle. 

The procedure involves coating the hair with a keratin solution before sealing it with heat. It can be applied in two to four hours and lasts for up to six months. 

To find out which is best for you, read on since not all therapies are created equal and there is one that you should avoid. 

We've dove down below to learn more...  

Describe keratin 

The primary protein in hair, skin, and nails is keratin. It comprises 16 different amino acids, of which cysteine is the most significant since it builds the sulfur bridges that give hair its intrinsic strength. It accounts for up to 91 percent of all human hair. 

Why do we need keratin for our hair? 

The synthetic treatment is used when your hair seems dry, frizzy, dehydrated, and damaged due to low natural keratin levels. 

A keratin hair treatment? What exactly is it? 

A keratin-based hair-smoothing procedure is referred to as a "keratin treatment" within this general heading. A keratin treatment is a chemically smoothing treatment that is semi-permanent and can smooth hair, add shine, and remove frizz for up to six months. It functions by creating a covering on the hair that imitates smoothness and gloss. 

The use of formaldehyde in more conventional keratin treatments, including as the Brazilian Blow Dry, has drawn criticism. However, not all keratin treatments are created equal. Although the chemical does a fantastic job of leaving strands poker straight, it is particularly harsh and poses a health concern if you are exposed to it too often. 

The use of formaldehyde and methylene glycol in early keratin treatments has mostly been outlawed because of safety and health concerns. Ingredients like a glyoxylic acid-carbocysteine mixture, which strengthens, repairs, smoothes, and straightens, are used in contemporary formulations. 

An alternative that is more delicate is treatment like Cadiveu.  

How does keratin treatment function? 

Despite the name, the major component isn't keratin. Without affecting the moisture-protein balance, hair cannot absorb more keratin than 1% more in a treatment. For the hair to maintain its strength, elasticity, and malleability, this balance is necessary. 

Therefore, additional types of protein, such as corn, vegetables, soy, and wheat, are typically used in keratin treatments to rebuild the hair. In-salon keratin treatments, however, need more than just proteins to truly provide that supple, svelte, and glossy look.  

Who benefits most from keratin treatments?  

While keratin treatments do straighten hair, which is a common misconception, contemporary formulas are equally focused on strengthening and repairing the hair. 

Candidates who dislike their natural movement and have curly, wavy, frizzy, or unruly hair are ideal candidates. A significant benefit following treatment is that styling is significantly quicker and simpler for individuals whose hair is too thick and takes too long to do. 

What takes place with a keratin treatment?  

Before scheduling an appointment, be sure to do your homework on the various keratin treatment products and salons available. 

The majority will first prepare the hair with a mild clarifying shampoo, then apply the keratin (some will dry the hair first, some will leave it moist), and depending on the keratin treatment products, let it on for anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes. 

The newer, more sophisticated treatments are softly rinsed off (to remove extra keratin products) before being dried and ironed, in contrast to the older treatments, which were then dried in and ironed.  

To close the cuticles and secure the keratin into the hair, tiny portions of hair are passed through flat irons. 

After the appointment, the result should be shining, glossy, and light for up to five months, or until the remedy naturally wears off. 

What is the duration of keratin treatments?  

Your hair type and hair maintenance will determine this. However, keratin treatments should continue for two to six months. Make careful to adhere to the aftercare guidelines provided for your particular treatment. 

What should you do after a keratin treatment in terms of aftercare? 

Hair used to need to be left alone fully for three days. You couldn't even tuck it behind your ears for fear of creating a kink without washing it or using hair ties. It is advised to use a decent dry shampoo after the procedure because you cannot wash your hair or put rubber bands in your hair for at least 48 hours. Although your hair becomes more manageable after treatment, your hair care routine won't change significantly. It will still require more work on your part to take proper care of your hair. Always choose a sulfate-free shampoo formula. This would guarantee durability because the shampoo won't stop the treatment. To keep your silky smooth hair for longer, ask your hairstylist about after-care keratin products. 

To preserve the condition of your hair in between treatments, we advise the following Cadiveu’s keratin treatment products. 

Brasil Cacau Sulfate Free Mini Kit 210ml  

Brasil Cacau's mini kit sulfate free keratin offers the ideal at-home hair care solution. The sulfate free mini kit for keratin treatment includes the following:  

1) Anti Frizz Shampoo (100 mL): The powerful anti frizz shampoo and conditioner formula's silk-like qualities strengthen weak hair, leaving it strong, silky, and frizz-free! 

2) Anti Frizz Conditioner (100 mL): Made without sulphates, this anti-frizz conditioner from Brasil Cacau is designed to give shine and preserve the priceless keratin treatment. 

 3) Acai Oil (10 mL): The acai oil treatment shields, provides great shine, reduces frizz, and aids in deep restoration. 

The Discovery 

This hair treatment keratin kits from Cadiveu is the solution if you want super-sleek, stress-free hair.