Is Keratin Therapy Really Beneficial For Your Hair's Health?

Is Keratin Therapy Really Beneficial For Your Hair's Health?
By Cadiveu | 09, August, 2022

Do the hairstylists at the salon always gush about how keratin treatments are the one thing that can save your frizzy, dry hair? After their several attempts to market the service, have you been considering its trial? 

Well, keratin is the newest hair care fad due to its smoothing properties. However, are all keratin treatments secure for you? And how effective are they in practice? Please allow us to respond to all of your inquiries. 

Describe Keratin. What Effect Does Keratin Have on Hair? 

The protein keratin that makes up the hair is in charge of maintaining its health. It is a structural protein that is also present in your skin and nails. Your hair is shielded by the protein from dampness, which is a significant source of frizz.  

Do you now question why, given that keratin is already present in your hair, you require keratin treatments? That's because severe hair treatments, sunshine, pollution, and ageing cause your hair to lose keratin over time. Therefore, a keratin treatment aids in the protein's access to your pores and hair follicles. 

Are Keratin Treatments Beneficial for Hair? 

A chemical procedure called a keratin treatment is applied to the hair to make it silky and lustrous where it was previously frizzy. Even the tightest curls have been found to straighten out with it. Up to six months may pass before this treatment's effects wear off. 

You cannot, however, dispute that keratin treatments subject your hair to tremendous heat. So who exactly is it for? The best course of action for you is to have a keratin treatment if you frequently use heat styling. 

A Pro Tip 

For a few months following the treatment, refrain from using heat styling to get the full advantages. The type of treatment, flat iron temperature, and porousness of your hair all affect the final results. Consult your stylist to determine the best application techniques for your hair type. 

What Foods Have Keratin in Them? 

  • Blueberries 
  • "Red flesh" 
  • Almonds 
  • Oysters\sMilk\sEggs 
  • Salmon\sNuts 
  • Yogurt\sChicken 

Methods for Treating Keratin Hair 

You should wash your hair beforehand. Then, your hairstylist will either blow-dry your hair before applying the keratin or apply it to damp hair. A fine-tooth comb is used to spread the treatment evenly after applying the keratin treatment product using a brush. 

Each strand needs to be saturated with the formula for roughly 30 minutes. The next step is to straighten hair with a flat iron and heat. Make sure your hairdresser is setting the appropriate temperature and using a professional titanium flat iron. Start off with low temperatures every time. 

A Pro Tip 

Three days without washing your hair or wearing it in a bun might help your hair set. You will be asked to refrain from using sulfate shampoos and saltwater in the pool after the treatment.   

Do Keratin Treatments Have Any Side Effects? 

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is released during the majority of keratin treatments (cancer-causing compound). A colorless, pungent gas called formaldehyde is frequently found in glue. 

The negative effects of formaldehyde include aching throat, scratchy eyes, and bleeding noses. Stylists have been reporting this for a long time. 

Another possible negative effect of keratin treatment is hair breakage. Flat irons with high temperatures might dry your hair and cause breakage in the future. 

In order to be safe, choose formaldehyde-free keratin treatments like those that contain glyoxylic acid. The latter, though, might be less efficient. Decide accordingly using your priorities. 

The advice of hair professionals is to not worry about formaldehyde as you might only receive keratin treatments three times a year. Ensure that the salon where you are having it done has good ventilation. 

Who Must Avoid It? 

Those who are expecting should refrain from keratin treatments. Although there is no concrete scientific evidence of its harmful effects during pregnancy, the compounds it contains are generally thought to be dangerous. 

When should you get a keratin treatment and is it okay to tie hair? 

For at least three days after receiving keratin treatment, refrain from wearing your hair in ponytails. Your freshly straightened hair may become bent as a result of this. Shampoos without sulfites are necessary for maintaining keratin treatments. 

How long does a session of keratin treatment last? 

Treatments for keratin take two to four hours. Treatment times for keratin depend on: 

  • Your hair type 
  • Hair density 
  • A treatment regimen 

Is Keratin Treatment Possible at Home? 

Yes, you can perform keratin treatments at home, but salon procedures yield greater results. Make careful to review the keratin treatments on the market's ingredient list. The majority of them might only be conditioning treatments and silicon. 

Read the washing, drying, and straightening directions as well. While salon treatments can endure for a few months, at-home keratin treatments wash off after a few weeks. 

A Conclusion 

Consider getting keratin treatments if you want to reduce how often you blow-dry and straighten your hair while maintaining ultra-smooth and lustrous hair. If your hair is exceptionally thin and prone to heat damage, switch to Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Shampoo. The Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Shampoo, infused with the benefits of moisturizing cocoa and Cationic Peptides, is a revitalizing component for damaged hair. By removing frizz and preserving the life of the treatment, this shampoo also increases the longevity of a keratin straightening and smoothing treatment. 

Why should you use keratin products?   

Keratin treatment products can make dry, thick hair easier to control. The Keratin treatment products act to smooth the hair’s cuticle which provides the tresses a shiny look. It can also reduce drying time. Keratin treatment products for hair are safe as they hold a natural element. 

Keratin treatment price? The keratin hair treatment price will be based on the hair spa treatment the user chooses and the hair length.