Is it Safe to Tie Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment?

Is it Safe to Tie Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment?
By Cadiveu | 09, August, 2022

When your hairdresser informs you that you cannot tie your hair up after receiving a keratin treatment, it is always disappointing. Well, for the first three days at least. However, why would you want to put your silky, shining, and smooth hair in a ponytail or an updo in the first place? 

Can't be arsed today, that's all. 

When we're spending a quiet day curled up on the couch watching Netflix, we don't want our hair in our faces! Everybody has those lazy days when maintaining our tresses is not a priority. Yes, we want to have beautiful hair when we go on a date, but it doesn't always happen. 

Always be cautious to abide by the aftercare instructions for keratin treatments since if you're not careful, things could quickly turn bad. 

Let's now discuss how to style our hair following a brazil keratin treatment. What are the guidelines, and why should you pay attention to your hairdresser? 

Why Is It Difficult To Tie Straight Hair After A Keratin Treatment? 

A keratin treatment needs at least three days to fully take effect. You must relax at this period and refrain from any manipulation that can obstruct the procedure. It is never advised to pull, tug, or use accessories. 

To prevent snags and knots, it's crucial to allow your hair to hang straight and loose and to follow a healthy aftercare routine.

What Happens After Keratin If You Tie Your Hair Up? 

The keratin covering will start to peel off from your hair if you use bobbles, elastic bands, ties, and other accessories. 

In certain instances, you might even notice demarcation lines, bends, and frizziness in areas where the keratin hasn't adequately absorbed and bonded to the hair. 

You may end up with unmanageable, uneven hair as a result of the mess.  

How Soon After a Keratin Treatment Can You Tie Your Hair Up? 

If you want to style your hair in ponytails or updos, two weeks after your keratin treatment is great. 

However, it all relies on the texture and kind of your hair. Some individuals' hair may absorb the keratin treatment more quickly than others, while some people may still experience lumpy, greasy hair two weeks following the keratin treatment. 

The kind and brand of keratin treatment you received also matters. 

There is no simple solution to this, but you can try these things: 

  • Take note of your hair. 

  • Test the area behind your ear by taking a little sample. 

  • Your hair is most unquestionably not ready if you can feel chunks of keratin flaking off with your hair tie. 


If it succeeds, proceed cautiously by remembering this advice: 

  • In the first week, go in with soft ties. 

  • To keep your hair out of your face, keep your hair tie or accessory loose. In the first week, avoid any stretching or tension-building. 

  • The fact that newly keratinized strands are still in the post-processing recovery stage makes them susceptible to breaking under tension. 

  • Keep your hair tied back for a brief period of time. 

  • Give your hair some time to revert to its silky, natural form that it has recently discovered. You can  normally let your hair hang straight down for about 15 minutes without a hair tie while gently running your fingers through it to loosen it up. 

  • Too much time spent with your hair tied back could result in a distorted shape. 

  • Therefore, during the day, give your hair regular rests from your accessories. 

  • After a keratin treatment, things to keep in mind when tying your hair 

Here are some suggestions for safely tying your hair after receiving a keratin treatment. 

  • Choosing loose-fitting designs will prevent pressure from being placed on your hairline and tresses 

  • If you strain your keratin-treated hair into tight ponytails, you run the danger of stretching the coating so much that it loses its ability to cling to your hair. You'll end up with frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair as a result. Nobody desires that! 

  • Utilize satin or silk hair ties 

  • Your closest friend during a keratin treatment is a silk or satin hair tie. In particular when wet, they are smooth and won't pull on your strands 

  • Silk and satin hair ties are friction-free and won't absorb any moisture or keratin from the hair, in contrast to cotton or plastic materials 

  • Use scarves made of silk or satin to tie your hair back 

  • Try tying your keratin-treated hair with silk or satin scarves if you aren't yet ready for bobbles or elastics. You can use it up till your keratin treatment has fully taken effect even if it might not be the greatest choice for you 

  • Don't use rubber bands 

  • After getting a brazil keratin treatment blowout, avoid using rubber bands to secure your hair because they might snag your hair and peel off the keratin layer 

  • Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase 

  • Allowing each and every strand of your hair to unwind overnight will help it to recuperate from the tension. Laying on a silk pillowcase is a fantastic method to achieve this. Silk makes it possible for your hair to move without resistance or tangling 

  • Additionally effective temperature regulators, these materials. Particularly silk can help keep your hair cool, lowering the chance that the keratin coating will melt off and splatter on your bedding 

On an ending note:  

  • Before creating any ponytails or using any hair ties or accessories, it is preferable to wait two weeks 
  • Use a piece of hair from behind your ear for every patch test 
  • Start with ornaments and loose hair ties 
  • Allowing your hair to air dry for about 15 minutes will give it regular breaks. 
  • Overnight, let your hair rest on silk 

Here is a detailed look at the application of an at-home remedy, such as Cadiveu Professional's formaldehyde-free, to demonstrate how secure and simple it may be. 

  • Use one of the best keratin professional shampoos, Extreme Repair Shampoo, to gently cleanse and condition dry, coarse hair and replenish essential nutrients. 
  • Apply Extreme Repair Cocoa Dose and massage through each strand of hair for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Apply the Extreme Repair Mask simultaneously, massaging it in strand by strand, and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse prudently. If your hair is dull, add a few drops of Brasil Cacau Shine Serum for instant shine. 
  • Blow-dry hair completely before styling it as usual. 
  • Wait 48 hours after treatment before washing or style. Products for keratin treatments smooth the hair's cuticles and give frizz a shiny appearance. Additionally, drying time may be sped up. 

Why should you use keratin products? 

Keratin treatment products can make dry, thick hair easier to control. The Keratin treatment products act to smooth the hair’s cuticle which provides the tresses a shiny look. It can also reduce drying time. Keratin treatment products for hair are safe as they hold a natural element. 

Keratin treatment price? The keratin hair treatment price will be based on the hair spa treatment the user chooses and the hair length.