How to Stop Hair Breakage After a Keratin Treatment

How to Stop Hair Breakage After a Keratin Treatment
By Cadiveu | 21, September, 2022

Although dealing with hair breakage following keratin treatments is not something we enjoy doing, it is unavoidable. 

In order to save the delicate ends that are on the verge of breaking, resort to the Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein Max Strength when the hair enters its sometimes-inevitable brittle-and-break state. 

It is without a doubt the finest remedy for hair breakage following a keratin treatment. 

One of the most trustworthy and best keratin treatment products you should include in your keratin routine is the Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein Max Strength. As a result of a keratin treatment, small hair breakage is common, and you should be ready to cope with it. 

Let's discuss why. 

Why do hair strands break after a keratin treatment? 

1. Keratin Treatments Sealed With High Heat 

Heat that can reach 400°F is used to seal in a keratin treatment to your hair. 

Although it is not recommended to use this temperature on hair, keratin treatments require high heat to quicken the cross-linking of hair links. 

Your hair can endure the heat if it is resilient enough and doesn't have a history of damage or excessive porosity. 

The possibilities are that some of the hairs that were already thin and brittle would start flaking off and breaking following the treatment if you aren't blessed by the hair gods and you have a history of regular hair colouring, bleaching, and hair damage. 

However, consider this: 

While this would appear to be a side effect of the keratin treatment, the truth is that the poor quality hair would have fallen out after a few weeks of constant styling and manipulation. 

Keep in mind that keratin treatment for hair can only strengthen it. Keratin treatment for hair cannot be magically repaired. 

2. Excessive Keratin 

A protein overload may also contribute to brittle hair after a keratin treatment. 

This occurs when too much keratin serum is used on the hair, producing an excess accumulation that makes the hair shafts stiff, rigid, and occasionally sticky. 

The excessive protein builds up an outer coating that dries up and rubs on the hairs, speeding up hair breakage. 

It's critical to carefully read the directions and utilize the recommended dosage while performing a keratin hair treatment at home. 

Waiting until you can wash your hair to get rid of the extra buildup and starting reconstructing the hair with a Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein Max Strength is the ideal option to solve this issue. 

3. Keratin Treatment For Hair Contain Formaldehyde 

A potent chemical called formaldehyde is frequently used in keratin treatments to reorganize the connections in hair. 

If any of these substances were present in your keratin treatment, there is a probability that the oxidative stress the chemical created contributed to your hair breakage. 

With a softer ECO formula free of formaldehyde, the new treatment for Brasil cacau is called Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein Max Strength. 

4. You Alter Your Hair Excessively 

Finally, excessive manipulation may be the cause of hair breakage after a keratin treatment. 

It is tempting to repeatedly run your fingers through your smooth, free-flowing hair after a keratin treatment, whether out of flirtation or bad habits, I must admit. 

Keep in mind that your hair is fragile after any type of processing treatment and needs time to mend and return to its normal form. 

The weaker sections of the hair may snap as a result of extra stress brought on by fidgeting and tension on the fibres. 

These are the four most frequent causes of hair breakage following keratin treatments, according to some people. 

There is nothing to be concerned about until you have large clumps of hair randomly falling off. 

One thing you have to put up with in exchange for silky, smooth hair is a little bit of minor hair breakage. 

Comparable to signing a deal with the devil. 

The good news is that... 

Not as awful as hair loss or shedding is hair breakage. 

With a few tweaks to the best keratin treatment products you're using and the way you take care of your hair, breakage is typically reversible. 

What Is The Best Product To Remedy Keratin Treatment Hair Breakage? 

The cuticles on the outer layer of your hair line up smoothly and without rubbing together when it's healthy. Because of this, your hair also seems smoother and emits more light. 

However, following a hair processing treatment, when the hair cuticles split apart in all directions, this quickly results in frizz and a rough texture, which causes friction and braking. 

Keratin treatment for curly hair and other hair types, especially resistant and thick hair, are ideal for Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein. This product gives you manageable hair that is smooth and ultra-shiny with movement. It also decreases volume, offers an appearance that is up to 50% more relaxed, restructures the hair and makes it frizz-free.