How Should You Properly Perform The First Wash Following Keratin Treatment?

How Should You Properly Perform The First Wash Following Keratin Treatment?
By Cadiveu | 27, October, 2022

If you have got a keratin treatment and are wondering how to wash your hair without ruining the procedure, take into account the following: 

You should wait one day after applying keratin with formaldehyde before washing your hair. 

When the treatment is over, wash your hair if you use keratin without formaldehyde. However, after the keratin treatment, you should wash your hair with cold water if it has received colour treatment. After that, alternating using colour shampoo and keratin shampoo. The step-by-step is listed below: 

  • You should use keratin shampoo, blow-dry your hair, and space out your washes if you don't have coloured hair. We'll walk you through each step and offer additional care advice. 

  • Most likely, the box of the keratin treatment you used at home came with instructions. 

  • You should be aware that not all keratin producers offer the same recommendations. 

  • However, if the keratin treatment you purchased was without any labels, instructions, or other information, don't panic; we'll still explain how to wash your hair after using the keratin treatment. 

Although not all keratins are created equal, the majority promise to lessen frizz, repair hair, and regulate volume. 

2 Types Of Keratins: One With And One Without Formaldehyde 

Keratins Containing Formaldéhyde 

Actually, keratins that contain formaldehyde are NOT keratins that restore hair. 

In actuality, they include formaldehyde in the form of a gentler straightening treatment. 

These items frequently go by the incorrect name of "keratins" and frequently lack manufacturer's instructions. 

You would probably need to leave this kind of "keratin" in your hair for at least 24 hours if you applied it. 

You can then wash your hair as usual after that. We need to let you know this before we move on to what you're interested in: 

Avoid purchasing anything with a questionable origin. We refer to keratin treatment products that lack a laboratory seal, precise instructions, or authorization. The great majority of them contain ingredients that are bad for your hair and wellbeing. 

So, if you want to receive a true keratin treatment, purchase commercial goods that have received official clearance and come with usage instructions.  

Free Of Formaldehyde Keratin 

After application, formaldehyde-free keratins—those that are approved and lawfully marketed—are washed off. 

In light of the foregoing, let's discuss washing your hair for the first time following keratin. 

Colored Hair 

We want you to look at your hair if you've got a keratin treatment and color-treated hair. Its colour will probably appear to have changed slightly. 

As a result, whether or not your hair is coloured will affect the first wash you do after the keratin treatment. 

Do you know the reason why your hair's colour changed before following the step-by-step instructions for washing color-treated hair after a keratin treatment? 

The heat from the blow dryer and flat iron partially opens the hair cuticle. On the other side, heat is used to apply the keratin treatment. 

Because of this, when your cuticles are opened, some of their colour is lost. Your hair's colour may probably appear slightly oxidised. 

What To Do After A Keratin Treatment To Wash Colored Hair 

  • Rinse with cold water, then thoroughly wet your hair. Cuticles will now be fully closed, and the colour will be stabilised. 

  • To prevent freezing, we advise performing this first wash outside of the bathtub. 

  • After that, shampoo your hair twice as usual while it's still damp. Use a shampoo made for coloured hair. Perhaps the water is warmer. 

  • After shampooing, rinse, then use a color-treated hair conditioner. 

  • Blow-dry your hair. Following a keratin treatment, blow-drying your hair keeps the durability. 

Additional Advice:  

We suggest alternating between color-shampoo and keratin-shampoo. 

The next time you wash your hair, use each one only once. 

You can simultaneously care for your hair colour and the keratin treatment in this manner. 

After Using A Keratin Treatment, How To Wash Virgin Or Uncolored Hair 

Since the cuticles are more tightly closed, hair that is not coloured generally seems healthier. 

The length of the keratin treatment may also be affected by the thickness of your hair. The first wash is significant because of this. 

Try to space out the washes whether you have thick or thin, colourless hair, to let the treatment last longer. 

When washing, the water's temperature doesn't really matter. 

Instead, it may depend on the professional keratin treatment products you use, how often you wash your hair, and how you dry it. 

  • You should use shampoos and conditioners with keratin. Any keratin-containing shampoo will work well, and the conditioner ought to be the same. 

  • Attempt to stagger your hair washing. Additionally, blow drying your hair after each wash is recommended. This is particularly true of the first wash following keratin treatment. Use a diffuser if your hair is curly.

  • Are you aware that keratin has thermoactive properties? In other words, heat activates it. Because of this, using a hair dryer increases the longevity of your keratin treatment. 

  • Therefore, you should always use heat to blow dry your hair. If you can't do it every day, at least try to do it once a week. 

Selection Of Suitable Professional Keratin Treatment Products For Hair Washing After A Keratin Treatment 

Whether you have gorgeous virgin hair or hair that has undergone colour treatment, we have explained how to wash your hair after a keratin treatment. 

We also advised you to pay close attention to the keratin treatment you select and to only purchase approved professional keratin treatment products

Use keratin-enriched shampoo and conditioner as part of your aftercare regimen. If you have coloured hair, switch it up using colour shampoo. 

Then, drying your hair is crucial since heat makes the keratin hair treatment last longer. 

Here is a list of items you should use for your first wash following the keratin treatment. You are already knowledgeable. 

Best Keratin Treatment Products For Keratin-Treated Hair 


  • Extreme Repair shampoo 

  • Vegan Repair shampoo 


  • Cadiveu Acai Oil Shampoo 

  • Bye-Bye Frizz Shampoo