Experiencing Your First Keratin Treatment: What to Expect

Experiencing Your First Keratin Treatment: What to Expect
By Cadiveu | 01, September, 2022

It may sound exaggerated after your first keratin treatment, but when your previously unmanageable, brittle, frizzy hair suddenly dries smooth, silky, and shining in under 10 minutes, it truly is life-changing. So, in order to assist any other people with frizzy hair who may be thinking about getting a keratin treatment, this is what you can anticipate going through at the salon from beginning to end.  

First, a little introduction to the specific procedure: the Cadiveu keratin treatment employs cocoa, keratin, and panthenol to help control varying degrees of shape and frizz. It is completely formaldehyde-free. There are a number of measures that need to be taken, including waiting three days before shampooing your hair and abiding by a long list of restrictions that forbid wearing your hair up in braids, ponytails, or behind your ears. 

Because this is a time-consuming procedure, choose a day when you have some free time. The following phases make up the keratin treatment, which lasts between two and four hours. 

  • Shampoo (Shampoo but not conditioner) 
  • Blot dry everything to get rid of the moisture 
  • Use of the Keratin solution 
  • Hair is allowed to dry. 
  • Another blow-dry session 
  • A flat iron was then used to help seal in the solution. 

The outcome would be silky, lustrous, manageable hair that, when properly cared for, would last you at least three to four months. 

It is advised to use a decent dry shampoo after the procedure because you cannot wash your hair or put rubber bands in your hair for at least 48 hours. Although your hair becomes more manageable after keratin treatment, your hair care routine won't change significantly. It will still require extra work on your part to take good care of your hair. Always choose a sulfate-free shampoo recipe. This would guarantee durability because the shampoo won't stop the keratin treatment. To keep your silky smooth hair for longer, ask your hairstylist about after-care products. 

There will be an odd odour. The keratin hair treatment has an odd, musty smell that wafts in and out throughout the process (kind of like an old attic). It isn't particularly obnoxious, but you will clearly notice that it smells bad. Most of the time, the odour will be totally gone by the last blowout, but for some individuals, a very faint odour may linger until the next washing. Although it's not a deal breaker for the silky smoothness you receive afterwards, the stylist will make aware of it. 

You'll begin to fall apart. After the keratin treatment was administered and the second blowout was halfway finished, you'll notice white flakes falling from the head onto the shoulders. Additionally, it persisted during the flatiron process (it actually got worse). It's never a good idea to have dandruff, but falling of dandruff is very normal. It was actually keratin product buildup that was peeling off the hair at this point in the keratin treatment process. You'll be  delighted to know that following the final rinse, the flaking vanished. 

You'll feel sad... Your hair appeared as straight and silky as it possibly could after a torturously prolonged flat-ironing session (three hours!). You will feel like  was to unzip the robe and leave, but regrettably you had to return to the basin for another ten minutes of rinsing and shampooing. The stylists  spent hours meticulously straightening. 

...and then stunned beyond belief. You will  not be exactly sure what I had in mind for the outcome. Although you had anticipated the hair to be a little straighter and less frizzy, the final blowout will really surprised you. The stylists will  demonstrate with the fingertips how simple it would be for to style hair after the treatment. But it wasn't until you arrive home and could give yourself the same ten-minute blowout worthy of a salon that you realise how revolutionary this procedure actually was. 

Before the keratin treatment, you would arrange washing hair into the weekly schedule so that you would have enough time to finish all of the drying and straightening. And no matter how many frizz-fighting treatments you used, the moment you pulled out the blow-dryer, you was assured a frizzy disaster. But everything has changed. Now that you have smooth, silky results, your blow-dryer is your closest friend—at least until they stop working. 

Dry, thick hair might be easier to manage with the help of keratin treatment products. The Keratin treatment products work to smooth the hair's cuticle, giving the locks a glossy appearance. Additionally, it might speed up drying. Keratin treatment products are secure since they contain a natural component. 

Cost of a keratin treatment? The user's hair length and the hair spa treatment they select will determine the cost of the keratin hair treatment. The Cadiveu Professional Essentials Bye Bye Frizz Protection Kit has a sumptuous formula that you should check out. For up to 72 hours, the Cadiveu Professional Essentials Bye Bye Frizz Protection Kit lessens frizz and straightens the hair. It restores damaged hair in a few applications and reduces potential damage brought by sunlight, heat from hair dryers or straighteners even in the presence of humidity. 

Remember to use keratin products with a nutritious diet to increase protein production and improve the health of your hair.