Do Keratin Treatments Alter Hair Color? What you should be aware of

Do Keratin Treatments Alter Hair Color? What you should be aware of
By Cadiveu | 07, October, 2022

Frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair is frequently treated with keratin treatment to make it lustrous and smooth. We shall address the subject of whether keratin alters hair colour in this post. For all the details, continue reading. 

There is a good probability that keratin will make your hair two colours lighter if it is light brown or blonde. Red or black hair colour cannot be lightened. For hair that has never been coloured, the same is true. 

Describe Keratin 

Hair, skin, and nails are all made of a protein called keratin. Compared to other cell types your body makes, keratin is a protective protein that is less prone to scuff or rip. 

Additionally, it is a component of hair cosmetics. Some experts contend that keratin treatments can help strengthen your hair and give it a healthier-looking appearance because keratin is the structural component of your hair. 

A keratin hair treatment uses a formaldehyde-releasing solution to straighten hair. 

Coating the hair cuticles is followed by blow-drying and flat-ironing the hair. 

Keratin Treatment Benefits 

Keratin is present in certain shampoos and conditioners. However, a professional who does the procedure in a salon will deliver the finest results for you. 

Here are a few advantages of keratin treatments: 

Shiny, Silky Hair 

In order to form hair strands, cells that overlap are smoothed down by keratin. The end effect is less frizz and more manageable hair. 

This indicates that hair has a shiny, healthy sheen and dries with little frizz. 

By forming a transient link that holds the hair strands together, keratin can help lessen the appearance of split ends. 

Hair Is Easier To Manage 

A keratin treatment may make your hair easier to manage if it is particularly thick, coarse, and prone to frizz. 

After receiving a keratin treatment, your hair will dry more quickly if you frequently use heat to style or dry your hair. 

A keratin hair treatment is thought to reduce drying time by more than half. 

After receiving a keratin hair treatment, you may notice that your hair is stronger and healthier since you can shorten the amount of time it is exposed to heat damage. 

Results Last A Long Time 

Your keratin treatment might last up to 6 months if you properly take care of your hair afterward by not washing it too frequently (two to three times per week is sufficient). 

Hair Growth 

Hair can gain strength from keratin, which prevents damage and easy breakage. Because the ends aren't breaking off, it may look as though the hair is growing more quickly. 

Does Keratin Alter the Color of Hair? 

If you have coloured your hair any shade between light brown and blonde, a keratin treatment can modify the colour. 

Natural-colored hair will also not be impacted. 

When Receiving A Keratin Treatment, What You Should And Shouldn't Do 

You should be aware of a few things both before and after your keratin treatment. It's important to know that keratin treatments are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing. 


Before your keratin treatment, colour your hair if you intend to in any way. The process seals in the colour, extending its lifespan and giving it a notably more brilliant appearance. 

For three days after your keratin treatment, your hair needs to hang loose, so remove any events from your calendar that call for an updo, cap, or any bands or clips. 

In the three days following your treatment, make sure to cross off any events in your calendar where your hair will be damp. 

Make sure you bring an umbrella and/or a coat with a hood to your appointment if it is expected to rain on the day of your treatment. 

For 3 Days After Care 

The 72 hours following your treatment are crucial for long-lasting outcomes. 

Basically, this means keeping water away from your keratin treated hair. 

  • Avoid washing your hair for the first three days. 

  • Utilize a good shower cap. 

  • Try to blow dry your hair on low heat as quickly as you can if you perspire at all. 

  • Unsafe to swim (not even with a shower cap) 

  • Avoid using saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, skiing, and ice skating. 

  • If there is a chance of rain or fog, always keep an umbrella or some other form of protective hair covering with you. 

  • When washing your face or brushing your teeth, cover your hair. 

Any knots in the hair are another thing to avoid. 

  • Avoid wearing caps, ponytail holders, clips, or sunglasses that leave dents in your hair. 

  • Keep your hair out of your ears. 

  • No banded or clipped updos 

  • Omit braids 

  • Sleep with your hair down 

After More Than 3 Days 

  • Utilize shampoo free of sodium chloride. 

  • Wait two weeks before dyeing your hair. 

Use a sulfate free shampoo such as Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Shampoo that are perfect for keratin-treated hair and wait two weeks before dyeing your hair. 

Before Or After Receiving A Keratin Treatment, Should You Colour Your Hair? 

Either of these are possible, but timing is crucial. 

Prior To Keratin, Colour 

This is to be carried out 10 days before the keratin straightening procedure. This will cause the keratin to: 

  • Serve as a barrier of defense for your colour 

  • Enhance the colour of your hair 

  • Heal coloring-related abrasions 

  • Maintain moisture 

  • Your hair's pH should be in balance 

  • Eliminate any chemical residue from dyeing 

Keratin replenishes the hair's natural keratin by wrapping around the hair strands. It serves as a wall to shield hair. 

This is excellent for protecting hair from harmful factors like humidity, smog, and pollution. You do not want our hair colour to be preserved, though! 

After Keratin, Colour 

Applying the colour at least fifteen days after applying a keratin treatment to straighten your hair will prevent keratin from interfering with the dye. 

This is so that the chemical components of the dye can't fully penetrate the light coating of keratin that grows over the hair. 

This is so that the chemical components of the dye can't fully penetrate the light coating of keratin that grows over the hair. 

However, you should see your stylist to find out if colouring your hair or doing any other treatments is safe to do after your keratin treatment. They can provide you advice based on their experience. 

If instructions on wishing to colour your hair after a keratin treatment are not followed, the following could happen: 

  • Dye doesn't even try to work. 

  • You might get a spotty outcome. 

  • Because the colour is left on the hair, washing it out is simple. 

How To Care For Keratin-Lightened Hair 

It's conceivable that some areas of your blonde hair will turn yellowish if you use a keratin treatment on it. 

While you wait for the "3 days no washing rule" to end, you might have to put up with this for a few days. This colour should start to fade after the first wash and keep doing so with each wash. 

As an alternative, you can use a toner, which is frequently offered at beauty supply stores. 


  • Combine 10 volume peroxide with half a tube of toner. 

  • Apply it to your hair completely and let sit for 15 minutes. 

  • You should notice a change right away; any yellow on your hair or scalp should disappear after 15 minutes. 

So even though keratin can alter hair colour, if you heed the above instructions, it is both preventable and reversible. 

However, keratin can improve the colour of your hair if it is used 10 days following a colour treatment. Your locks will be vivid, nourished, and healthy since it can lock in that colour. 

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