Cleanse And Strengthen Hair With Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Keratin Treatment

Cleanse And Strengthen Hair With Cadiveu Sol Do Rio Keratin Treatment
By Cadiveu | 29, September, 2022

You are aware of how keratin treatments affect hair, correct? You could already find yourself entranced by other people's stunning, thick hair. The protein keratin, which also gives your hair its straight, curly, or frizzy pattern, makes up over 90% of your hair. Simple hair straightening is a quick remedy. The keratin treatment is more durable. But what you may have thought was true for others may not be true for you. Being in India, a few criteria vary and have an equal impact on the keratin treatment procedure on the weather and the quality of the hair. 
India is a country with intensely hot summers, forcing even the most negligent of us to use sunscreen to protect our skin. Our limited grasp of the type of damage the sun does perplexes us, so we don't consider doing the same for our hair. Sunscreen is used to prevent burns and pigmentation, however other conditions apply to hair. Even for natural hair, which can become bleached and dry when exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, hair sunscreen helps keep the colour and hydration levels of hair, making it shinier and colour better maintained. Virgin hair is less susceptible to sun damage than hair that has undergone chemical treatment, particularly hair that has been coloured or, worse, bleached. The intense sun can dry out your hair and cause the colour to fade more quickly and turn brassy in addition to both of these effects. Since a very long time ago, everyone has yearned for a solution that would shield hair from damaging UV rays.  

It's time to attempt the Sol Do Rio line from Cadiveu India at this point. 

We must have had numerous sessions with the hair specialist where we discussed the problems we regularly experience with hair maintenance, particularly in the summer heat, and how to address them. 

The leave-in mask after shampooing with sol do rio shampoo and conditioning the hair. 


Treat your hair with protein throughout and give 20 minutes to perform its magic. After rinsing it out, the apply leave-on serum to give it a gloss and the ideal beach wave finish. 

Elements, the first professional line of hair care products that is eco-friendly because it is sulfate free shampoo, petroleum-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free, has been introduced by Cadiveu Professional to the Indian market. The formula for the keratin treatment is non-aggressive, has a high active concentration, and is guaranteed to penetrate the hair. 

To deliver up to ten times more healthy hair against fragility, Cadiveu Professional "SOL DO RIO" was created with inspiration from nature. "SOL DO RIO" is enhanced with the miracle mixture of 21 amino acids, which rebuilds the hair's structural integrity, making it strong and break-resistant. Coconut water, which is rich in minerals and Vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant capable of promoting highest nourishment, and UV Protection, which guards against damage from harmful rays, are also included. 

The Following Products Make Up The SOL DO RIO Treatment: 

Re-Charge Protein: It's a three-in-one formula (mask, leave-in, and pre-bleaching). It inhibits the cumulative impact and contains neither silicones nor petroleum. The vital nutrients are replenished, making the hair feel brand-new from roots to ends. The cuticles are covered. Gives hair a luminous sheen and lightness. This very concentrated potion repairs the cortex of severely damaged hair. 

Beach Waves: It contains coconut water and UV protection. It prevents fading/yellow blonde hair, moisturizes and softens the hair, and has a long-lasting impact. For hair movement, it produces waves and a huge beach style. 

The end effect is UV protection, a barrier against pollutants, and moisturized, healthy hair from the roots to the tips. 

For the best results, the entire procedure takes about 40–45 minutes, and the results can last up to 5–6 washes. 

You can get a one-stop shop from Cadiveu India for all of your usual hair issues. It gives your hair a healthy sheen while rebuilding, strengthening, conditioning, and protecting it! 

The "UV Protection Keratin Treatment" by Cadiveu Professionals SOL DO RIO provides an exceptional experience and amazing results in the most environmentally friendly manner! 

Why Is It Important To Use Keratin Products? 

Keratin treatment products can make it easier to handle dry, thick hair. The hair's cuticle is smoothed by the Keratin treatment products, which gives the hair a shiny appearance. Additionally, it might speed up drying. Products for treating keratin are safe because they include a natural ingredient. 

Keratin treatment price? The user's hair length and the hair spa treatment they select will determine the cost of the keratin hair treatment. 

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