Can You Straighten Hair With A Flat Iron After Keratin Treatment

Can You Straighten Hair With A Flat Iron After Keratin Treatment
By Cadiveu | 13, October, 2022

The fact that you can iron your hair for the first 48 hours after getting a keratin treatment isn't the only benefit. You must carry it out! 

When a stylist gives you a keratin hair treatment, what advice will he/she give you first? 

For at least the first 72 hours, refrain from washing your hair. 

Understand why? 

Because keratin continues to affect the fibre of your hair at that period. However, the clock's hands were still moving at that moment. 

Alternatively.  Your life continues. You attend school or college, meet your partner and your pals, go to work, take a Zumba class at the gym, and then you go to bed. 

Your keratin-treated hair may be impacted within the first 72 hours as a result of those activities, and waves may then challenge your impossibly straight hair. 

For the first few days, it's crucial to flat iron your hair twice daily. 

Heat reactivates the keratin treatment. 

This implies that if you flat iron your hair, the treatment will not be ruined. The keratin will instead be fully sealed inside the hair fibre. 

Can you now use a flat iron? How should you correctly utilise the iron during those initial several hours? 

There is no need to move because we will clarify everything for you now: 

The proper way to straighten your hair in the first several hours following a keratin treatment. 

Which iron to use for a longer-lasting keratin treatment 

How To Properly Straighten Your Hair Immediately Following A Keratin Treatment 

After having keratin treatment, the first 72 hours are crucial. 

The nutrients from the treatment are absorbed by the hair fibre during this time, and keratin is able to remodel the fibre and repair the damage. 

To ensure that your hair fibre absorbs the keratin quickly and to get rid of the markings left behind by your regular activities, we advise that you straighten your hair at least twice a day for the first three days following the treatment. 

You won't be sleeping upright anyway to protect the therapy, after all. Additionally, you'll probably see some marks on your hair when you wake up. 

Not to worry! 

The keratin wasn't ruined by your pillow. You need to reactivate it, but it's still there, in your hair. How? With warmth. 

You are not required to go outside in the heat. Just use the flat iron. Yes, we are aware that overheating can harm hair. By reactivating the keratin throughout the treatment, your hair will be protected in this instance. 

Just keep in mind that not any flat iron will do. Use only those that won't harm your hair. 

Now, in addition to the flat iron, it's also crucial to use your hand to move it through your hair. 

As a result, the first few days following the keratin treatment should be spent as follows: 

  • Make a central part in your hair, divide it into 4 portions, 2 in front and 2 behind, and clip each section in place. 

  • Set the iron's temperature and plug it in. Wait until the temperature reaches 450 F (232 C). 

  • Release one of the rear strands and begin flat ironing in one fluid motion from root to tip. 

  • Until your hair is perfectly straight and manageable, repeat 8–10 times each strand. 

  • Use a flat iron to straighten any strands that have an obvious mark until they are fully straight. 

  • After the first 48 or 72 hours, repeat these instructions at least four times every week. 

Additionally, always keep in mind that heat stimulates keratin. To fully benefit from the qualities of this remarkable protein, dry and iron your hair after each wash. 

How To Use Flat Iron For A Longer-Lasting Keratin Treatment 

The first suggestion is to set your flat iron to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, or 232 degrees Celsius, at all times. Higher temperatures shouldn't be used because doing so will just destroy the ends. 

Because ceramic is currently used for the plates of hair straighteners, less heat damage to hair is a concern. 


Don't wash your hair for 72 hours after getting a keratin hair treatment, and iron it at least twice daily. 

By doing this, you can make sure that the protein completely seals the hair fibre. 

It's also crucial to flat iron your hair after washing it to reactivate the keratin and prevent damage to the hair fibre. Always use the proper temperature while flat ironing your hair. 

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