Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Winter

Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Winter
By Cadiveu | 31, January, 2022

Now that the winter is here, we want to give some extra love and care to our hair. Your hair condition in winter varies a lot from the summer months. As a result, a winter hair care routine will be different from your summer routine.

How to Combat Dry Hair this winter

During the winter, moisture and humidity levels in the air fall, sipping hydration out of your hair, as well. That’s why your hair is more likely to feel fragile, like straw, instead of soft. Read on more for some more following steps that can make a big difference in the health of your hair.


Make your winter-dry hair soft with the best shampoo 

Harsh winter weather can leave hair stripped of essential moisture, particularly at the ends. To aid repair softness, go for a nourishing system of shampoo and conditioner, like the Cadiveu’s Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Shampoo Sulfate Free. This pairing gently cleanses and conditions dry, rough hair, refilling vital nourishment and deep moisture for silky-soft texture and amazing shine without weighing hair down. Both products are also super soft on color-treated strands and are formulated without any sulfates.

Switching to a moisturizing shampoo, going for oil treatment, or testing a hydrating conditioner are all great instances – particularly if you’re trying to lock in moisture, and stop your hair from becoming rough.


Nourish your locks with winter hair care masks

Hair gets the winter blues, too. Exhausted of moisture, it can lose the potential to reflect light. Our hair-care survival strategy is enhancing a hair mask, like the Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex Mask to your usual hair care routine. This hair mask hydrates, restructures and reinforces hair for a natural shine, it will be an ideal therapy to your hair. Use after shampoo for enhanced benefits. Use this essential to aid revive lifeless winter hair and repair radiance. Once a week after washing your hair with the extreme repair mask, apply this hair mask, focusing on lengths and ends. Leave it on for three to five minutes, then rinse wisely.


Winter hair care conditioner for thin hair

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, winter weather is depressingly good at taking proper hair and turning it into an untidy mess. Tight curls, flyaways, and split ends are the order of the day, and you may well find yourself defeating to retain your hair’s shine as well. Hence, you need to look out for options that are built to hydrate or tame dry locks. Extreme repair conditioners are another safe bet too, as are conditioners designed to smooth or straighten damaged hair.

The best conditioner you can go for is Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Conditioner. This conditioner is prepared to revitalize delicate locks, and they all hold ingredients that are capable of reaching deep into your hair to reverse the damage caused by cold, dry weather.

The best conditioners will also hold ingredients that are built to smooth down angry or cracked cuticles, which means that they can positively protect the most fragile parts of your hair from further harm. 


Best hair care oil for winter-dry hair

Oiling is a step many of us dislike. But oiling your hair improves the blood circulation to your scalp, nourishes your hair shafts, and improves hair growth. Different hair types need different hair oils for nourishment.

Dry and damaged hair benefits the most from Cadiveu’s acai oil. It repairs and enhances shine to damaged hair. It gives enormous hydration and energy to the hair scalp. It offers a protective shield around the hair. It holds an antioxidant that averts the aging of the hair. Because of its sea marine collagen, it repairs the hair structure, smooths and locks the cuticle, enhances brightness and nourishment.


Moisturize your dry hair with top-notch hair serum this winter - The Brasil Cacau Shine Serum

During winter, indoor heating can easily dry out your hair, and sometimes even result in a flaky, dry scalp. Keeping both your hair and scalp moisturized during these colder months is the best solution to helping beat dryness.

Hair serums/oils are perfect for keeping your locks happy and healthy. We highly recommend the Brasil Cacau Shine Serum – it is the best! The serum forms a protective shield on the hair that aids remove the frizz and acts as a conditioning agent and offers instant shine. It is a game-changer, indeed.

Its moisturizing property enhances the elasticity of the hair protecting against future damage. The active offers a smooth memory effect and if you use it with continuous use after shampooing, your hair will be smoother.


 Winter Hair Care Tips you should follow

Always remember to wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week during winter. This will help shield your hair from harsh cold weather and will stop your hair from drying too much and will also help to keep them smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Also, make sure that you use conditioner during winter which cures the condition of your hair and offers moisture to your hair. Take care to apply conditioner on your hair and keep it dry for a while compared to normal time, for example, max 30 seconds or 1 minute. Also, do not miss this step because it controls the moisture of your hair which is very essential in this season.

Maintaining strong, silky, and shiny hair during winters are tough. Hair fall, itchy scalp, and dandruff are some of the common hair problems associated with the winter season. You can use herbal oils, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or mustard oil based on your preference. All you have to do is massage the scalp with the oil, leave it for two hours and then wash it with a mild shampoo. Oil helps in maintaining moisture in the scalp and hair. For optimum benefits, once you apply the oil, cover the scalp and hair with a towel soaked in warm water. This will help the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair roots and increase blood circulation in the scalp.