Benefits of acai oil for keratin-treated hair

Benefits of acai oil for keratin-treated hair
By Cadiveu | 31, January, 2022

It’s all about keratin treatments and everything that completely frees us from frizz. However, in practice, finding the best oil for keratinized hair that can be styled and moisturized without breaking the rules can be very difficult. Why? Using the wrong oil can cause serious dampers on the newly applied keratin. It causes excessive greasiness, prolongs your wash cycle, and can lead to premature loss of keratin from your hair.

Applying nourishing oils to hair is a traditional way to stimulate growth, give shine and make curls healthier. Oils have proven to play an important role even in keratin-treated hair care. Whether you're fighting dryness or dullness or revitalizing damaged hair, oils can fix a variety of hair problems in the easiest way possible. Here you will learn about one such hair oil that can significantly improve your hair care regime. Yes, we are talking about "acai oil".

Acai oil, obtained from acai berries, is rich in essential nutrients needed for healthy keratin hair. Read on to learn more about the benefits of acai oil for keratin hair and how to use it to prevent hair-related issues.

Acai Oil for Hair

Acai oil for keratin-treated hair can make your hair stronger, softer, and brighter. Acai, also known as "Purple Gold," is rich in protein, omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, vitamins A and E. All of these nutrients miraculously strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. Acai is also a popular ingredient in a variety of hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in creams. Let's take a look at the various benefits of acai oil for hair:

Acai Oil Benefits for Hair


1. Moisturises Your Hair

Acai oil is rich in nutritious fatty acids, making it an ideal treatment for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Acai oil penetrates into the hair shaft and hair follicles, making the curls soft and shiny. After washing your hair, you can apply Cadiveu’s acai oil to your keratin hair. Rich in antioxidants, this acai oil from Cadiveu nourishes, deeply moisturizes, and shines hair.

Take a few drops of the Cadiveu’s acai oil in your palm and apply it evenly onto your hair, but not the scalp. It is good for trapping moisture when the hair is damp. Hence, it is always advisable to apply acai oil to damp, shampooed hair.


2. Provides Protection against Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun can give your keratin-treated hair to become totally dry and frizzy. In addition, the sun's UV rays can dry the hair shaft and lessen the natural cohesiveness of the hair. The good news is that acai oil can be very helpful in treating tanned hair too. Acai oil is high in polyphenols, antioxidants that

shield against a range of environmental stresses, involving UV light. Hence, if you plan to go out in the sun, drop a few drops of acai oil on your hair before leaving the house.


3. Provides Colour Protection

Acai oil is an antioxidant-rich formulation. The defensive coating of antioxidants aids in shielding hair color as it avoids oxidation from free radicals, which can cause fading. Hence, regular use of acai oil will aid you to keep your hair color bright and radiant.


4.  Promote Scalp Health

Acai oil holds decent amounts of zinc, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. Zinc plays a significant role in promoting scalp health and controlling hair loss, while folic acid enhances blood flow to the scalp. Stimulating blood circulation contributes to hair growth and controls premature greying of hair. Acai oil is also familiar for its anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the scalp, alleviate irritation and create a healthier environment for hair growth.


5. Controls Premature Aging

Hair follicles are themselves complex mini-organs. And like other organs, it needs energy, food, and protection against harmful toxins to function properly, otherwise, it ages and begins to break. Acai is a plant of ORAC rich, which means that it has a high ability to absorb oxygen radicals. Our body needs 2,400 to 3,000 units of ORAC to neutralize the free radicals that cause cells to age prematurely, and Acai alone contains a large amount of 3,800 units of ORAC.


6. Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are dangerous compounds that damage the scalp and hair follicles in the form of oxidative stress. Acai, rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, helps repel keratin-treated hair free radicals by creating a protective barrier. Constant exposure of hair to free radicals and harmful chemicals can lead to thinning, premature aging, and hair loss. Acai suppresses these dreaded toxins.


Where Can I Find Acai In Hair Products?

Acai berries turn into oil and are used in a variety of hair care products. In Cadiveu, acai oil is used in hair oil. Our hair oil serums are designed to treat and style your hair as it protects your hair and smoothens it from curling. This oil help repair, regenerate, and moisturize hair. 


The Bottom Line

Acai is a great way to improve your keratin-treated hair game. You can find it here in Cadiveu. We believe in clean and responsible beauty, so all products are free of harsh sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde-free, and alcohol. Haircare is finding the right balance of healthy ingredients in your hair. No matter what you are looking for, we will make it happen for you! While the ideal way to get all the health benefits of Acai is eating it, there’s surely no harm in including it in your hair care routine. In order to get hassle-free and salon-like hair care at home, all you need to do is to try Cadiveu’s acai oil that will get you the dream hair which you always have wanted. Once you try it, you’ll understand this is what your hair was seeking all along. The Cadiveu’s acai oil will become your most favourite product when it comes to adding lustre and sheen to your keratin-treated hair without compromising on the treatment.

Acai oil for keratinized hair give you the ability to style and protect your hair without compromising keratinization. By strengthening hair fibers with healing ingredients, it is said to help improve treatment and minimize hair damage.