All You Should Know About Keratin Treatment Shampoo

All You Should Know About Keratin Treatment Shampoo
By Cadiveu | 29, September, 2022

Without a doubt, one of the most well-known components of shampoo is keratin. The most crucial component of your hair, keratin, is probably already something you are aware of. However, there is a lot more to say. In this blog, we address frequently asked queries about the keratin protein and its connection to hair. 

For this article, we sought assistance. Who better to consult than the professionals at Cadiveu? This expert brand makes luxurious keratin products for your hair, and each one contains keratin! 

What Is Keratin Shampoo?

A shampoo incorporating the protein "keratin" is known as a keratin shampoo. The terms "hydrolyzed keratin" or "keratin amino acids" are frequently found on the ingredient list on the back of the flask. 

There are actually two different types of keratin shampoos. The majority contain keratin as a supplementary component. And the primary component of some of them is keratin. The latter is typically referred to by companies as "keratin shampoo." 

However, we refer to any shampoo that includes this priceless element as a "keratin shampoo." 

What Is Keratin, And What Benefits Does It Provide For Hair? 

Human hair contains a protein called keratin, which has 19 amino acids. Cysteine is one of these acids and it merits a bit more focus. The sulfur-rich compound cysteine is essential for the cohesiveness of hair cells. 

Purely for the sake of imagination. Your hair has 89% Keratin, 3% minerals, and 8% moisture. Think about that. 89%. Wauw. That's a lot, don't you think? 

Keratin makes up 94% of Asian hair and 85% of African hair. 

So, keratin makes up the majority of your hair. The fact that keratin is in charge of both the interior and outward structure of your hair probably comes as no surprise. Thus, the durability and strength of your hair are a result of keratin. 

You may imagine that your hair would get weaker and its structure would become unstable if some of the keratin were to be eliminated. Damaged hair is the end effect. Your hair appears to be, ehm, under a microscope. 

  • a corn cob with some missing kernels. 

  • a road that is uneven and has potholes. 

  • a limestone that has tiny holes all over it. 

We believe you understand. 


You can benefit from using keratin products if your hair is in that state. Keratin shampoo for hair loss repairs part of the damage and fills in the holes. Your hair becomes stronger once again, and the likelihood of breakage in the future is decreased. Additionally, keratin-rich hair is typically much smoother and frizz-free. 

In terms of hair care, keratin and vegetable elements differ in that the former fills up the damaged wall with fresh bricks, whereas the latter merely plasters the surface. Although it appears fine, the latter is less stable. 

What Is The Source Of The Keratin Products?

Human hair contains the best keratin for hair restoration. However, using human protein (or other human components) in products is no longer permitted in Europe. 

So currently, the sole source of genuine, pure keratin is from animals. Flowers or plants cannot be used to obtain keratin. Even if there is a tiny amount of protein, it does not have the same structure as the keratin in human hair. This means that the only benefit will be that it will make a good marketing narrative. Keratin is less suited for hair repair because it contains fewer amino acids than human hair. 

Should I Get Keratin Shampoo?

You should think about purchasing keratin products fortified with keratin if your hair is fragile and damaged. If you routinely engage in some of the following activities, it could be prudent to do so as well: 

  • You can color, highlight, or bleach your hair. 

  • Perm or chemically relax your hair. 

  • Utilize trendy styling tools to style your hair. 

  • Comb or brush your hair. 

  • Swim in salty or chlorinated water. 

  • Spend a few hours each week exposing your hair to the sun. 

 What Distinguishes Pricey Keratin Shampoos From Less Expensive Ones?  

The keratin's quality is what makes the biggest difference. And three criteria can be used to define that quality: 

The size of the keratin molecules comes first. The molecules can enter the hair shaft better (and deeper!) the smaller they are. Your hair gets stronger as they go deeper because the more damage they can cure. Additionally, it affects how firmly the keratin molecules stick to your hair. 

The second is keratin's affinity for human hair. The stronger your hair becomes, the better keratin can bind to human hair. Your hair is also less likely to sustain damage in the following time frame. 

Third, the quantity of active amino acids that can perform their own roles within the keratin. Each of the 19 amino acids that make up keratin has a distinct purpose. Cysteine, for instance, connects every component of hair and keeps moisture in. Contrarily, tyrosine ensures that the color molecules from hair dye may adhere to the hair. 

So, we can draw the following conclusion: 

The higher the concentration of active amino acids, the better the affinity of the keratin with human hair, and the smaller the keratin molecules, the higher the quality of the keratin shampoo

Now, we may claim that keratin shampoos that cost more inevitably include keratin of higher quality. We simply do not know the specifics for every brand, thus we cannot generalize that this rule applies to all of the brands in existence. Sadly, companies may claim the same things about products that only contain 1% of an ingredient as they do about products that contain 5% of the same component. 

One of the few companies, Cadiveu, was transparent about its manufacturing method. They described their quality assurance procedures. 

Cadiveu increased their keratin's affinity for human hair. Additionally, the 19 amino acids that perform each of their roles are present in their keratin. 

Additionally, they developed a unique method that doubles the amount of time that keratin stays attached to your hair (in comparison to other brands). 

Can Keratin Harm Your Hair In Any Way?

There has been talk that your hair will suffer if you consume too much keratin protein. What happens if your hair absorbs too much keratin is a common concern. Can your hair, for instance, be oversaturated? 

It's crucial to realize that hair can only absorb so many keratin proteins. After then, it can only take so much. It works exactly like a sponge that can only hold so much water. Consequently, you do not need to be concerned about oversaturating or "over-proteinized" the hair. 

The following factors prevent hair from absorbing more. Negative charge is present in the hair's damaged areas. Positive charge is present in healthy hair. Only negatively charged regions will keratin adhere to. Therefore, once the hair is healthy once again, keratin can no longer attach itself. 

However, some companies employ subpar protein, which results in the hair being dry, crunchy, and hard. Additionally, the majority of these products use substandard keratin and low-quality formulations. As a result, the protein builds up on the hair's surface rather than being able to penetrate the hair. It dries and gets crusty there.  

Unfortunately, we are unaware of which brands employ keratin of inferior grade. 

We do, however, think that the Cadiveu keratin products are fantastic for your hair. 

How Effective Is Keratin Shampoo?

Shampoo's primary job is to clean the hair and scalp. However, a lot of companies assert that their shampoos serve extra purposes. For instance, adding volume, promoting hair development, and mending hair. Many of these operations are being called into question. 

The most persuasive explanation suggests that new functions are incompatible since shampoo is typically removed before extra functions can start operating. There isn't enough time for the shampoo's excellent elements to be deposited in the hair, even if it is packed with them. Additionally, "water" acts as a barrier that substances must cross in order to penetrate the hair. 

Are keratin molecules able to enter the hair before the shampoo is removed? is a similar issue that can be posed regarding keratin shampoos. 

When we questioned Cadiveu about it, they provided the following response: 

"First of all, a conditioner or treatment is unquestionably a superior method of hair care to shampoo. It's also true that most keratin products shouldn't be used in shampoos. This is due to the molecules being too large to fit inside the hair. However, even if they did fit, there are situations when the molecular structure and its characteristics are not ideal for shaft entry. 

But it's conceivable! 

So, are keratin shampoos actually effective? All keratin shampoos may not be effective because: 

the standard of the shampoo's keratin. 

the shampoo's keratin content as a percentage. 

the quality of the shampoo's formula. 

The best keratin shampoo in India from Cadiveu, however, are effective, we dare claim. 

Does keratin shampoo make your hair straighter?

On the market, there are some hair straightening products with the word "keratin" in the name. The keratin treatments come to mind. Thus, some individuals believe that keratin is what straightens hair. However, this is untrue. 

Only heat or chemicals that dissolve the inner disulfide bonds in the hair may truly straighten it. A shampoo containing keratin cannot straighten your hair! 

You might be wondering why a keratin treatment is referred to as such if keratin isn't what straightens your hair. Actually, that is a marketing myth. Only substances like formaldehyde, which is prohibited in Europe, can alter your disulfide bonds. However, a formaldehyde treatment doesn't seem to be as convincing now, does it? 

To be safe, select formaldehyde-free keratin treatments like those that contain glyoxylic acid. The latter, meanwhile, might be less efficient. Depending on your priorities, choose a choice. 

Given that you might only receive keratin treatments three times a year, experts in the hair industry advise not to worry about formaldehyde. Make sure the salon where you are having it done has enough airflow. 

Keratin treatment price?  The  keratin hair treatment price depends on the user's hair length and the hair spa treatment. Check out the keratin shampoo for hair loss ; the Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Shampoo that helps gently cleanse the hair. This professional keratin shampoo promotes a smoother and glossier appearance while reducing frizz by reviving both inner and exterior hair strands. 


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