Açaí Oil

The perfect solution to unruly and frizzy hair

Professional Care Products

1. Purifying Shampoo

Prepares the hair for the volume control and anti frizz treatment.

2. Active Treatment

Aligns each hair strand, reducing the volume of the hair, providing long-lasting anti-frizz action.

3. Flexible Mask

Its formula penetrates deep into the hair structure, providing nourishment and strength to the hair, without weighing it down.

4. Açaí Milk

Heat activated to tame and protect hair against external stresses.

Available In Sizes

  • 200ml : Rs.1650.00

5. Açaí Oil Treatment Oil

Extreme brightness, nourishment and protection to the hair

Available In Sizes

  • 110ml : Rs.2300.00
  • 60ml : Rs.1350.00
  • 10ml : Rs.500.00

Home Care Products

Açaí Oil Home Care

Tamed, frizz free and revitalized hair

Shampoo 250 ml / 8.45 fl.oz

Provides efficient cleansing. Allows control of volume and frizz.

  • 250ml : Rs.1250.00

Conditioner 250 ml / 8.45 fl.oz

Provides intense nourishment, shine and flexibility resulting in tamed hair.

  • 250ml : Rs.1400.00

Açaí Mask 140 g/ 4.73 oz

Nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes the hair. Resulting in smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair.